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  1. is the backlight burning out something I have to worry about in a 20'' iMac from 2006? the screen looks rather dim even at full brightness when you compare it to my LED backlighted 2017 iMac. a friend just gave this to me and i don't want to lose its usefulness after just getting it. were these not all that bright to begin with or do you think i might need to replace the screen?
  2. try washing the board with 90% or higher alcohol, soap, and water. then dry it thoroughly. see if it turns off. usually washing a board will give you an idea of if recapping will solve the issue
  3. This is good! A good friend just gave me a 2006 iMac 20 Inch with x1600 video. I just loaded lion on it and did all the updates and put firefox esr 45.9 on it. It works very well for web browsing and youtube, and with 4GB Ram, iwork 2009 and Toast 11 and ilife work great too. Really it does everything I need a computer to do. it plays the sims 2 and cod4 nicely. the only thing i worry about is the backlight burning out some day. Not really sure if thats a valid concern or not
  4. I know atx G4 used to but he doesn’t sell them anymore. I really don’t want to make one myself. If anyone knows or has one for gigabit Ethernet models id be very interested.
  5. I just wanted to try it out for the novelty. I remember BEGGING my dad to buy a dos compatible mac but he wouldnt spend the money. when i was a kid i had visions of never having to care about what platform a game was for, just insert the cd and start playing
  6. Forget HomeKit! Its 1992 in my house! That means VCR and LaserDisc, Panasonic Cordless Landline Phones, Sony Trinitron TVs, Light blue countertops, Black and white checkered bathroom tile and..... a Macintosh SE/30 controlling everything in the home via X-10. That's right, not only does the SE/30 act as the AppleTalk server for the 2 IIgs computers in the kids' rooms, its also a home control center! Want to know how its all done? Check this out then! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Macintosh-Version-POWERHOUSE-X-10-HOME-AUTOMATION-CONTROL-RARE-Mac/192955684549?epid=1091814573&hash=item2ce
  7. the iMac also has a vGa connector on the back behind a door. I know this because I used to have an iMac G3 when they were new.
  8. hook up a vga monitor and see if u get picture
  9. AAH, I don't get into many modern games except for Watch Dogs, I like the open world driving based games where you can do as you please. The only reason my desktop has a good video card is to run Mac OS. Otherwise it would just be onboard video.
  10. You need excuses to fire up machines? Oregon Train, Museum madness, the fact that computers today are cloud based and suck.... take ur pick
  11. I had to adjust the potentiometer on the laser of the Apple drive. It reads discs now. But sure enough the 4400 only sees Apple ide drives. Maybe could it be that my other drives were IDE DVD burners?
  12. My 4400 rarely recognizes cds. It sees the drive on the bus but doesn’t mount the discs. Usually. Could be I don’t have a PRAM battery installed
  13. So is an Apple CD-ROM required? I'm having a similar issue with mine.
  14. im not sure. I'll just have to wait until I get paid and order a NOS drive from eBay and take off of work for a day so i can make up lost time playing with it.
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