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  1. I know this was probably posted but the issue is the screw inside the handle is stripped and I can't use the hex tool to open the SE. Somebody put it in tight and I don't think there's another screwdriver that can fit under it. Is there another way to open it without breaking the plastics? Thanks
  2. Well I was able to find the new old stock 2300c board online and I just put a scsi hard drive in it tonight. So far it's working. I also ordered the ata cable online also. But if it kills another drive I just give up
  3. Hello my powerbook duo 2300 has been through 5 hard drives and every single one has stopped working after being used in this duo. I know these drives have limited life but I'm sick of getting new drives for this thing and it's too suspecious that good drives keep failing only in this machine. Every other powerbook I have drives in work fine. This is a duo 280c with a new 2300c motherboard so it can do both scsi and ata drives. I'm afraid to put another drive in it. Any idea what is going on? Thanks
  4. Good job removing the pram battery in it. That's what destroyed mine
  5. So I got this Mac se it's in really bad conditon it smells like sewage and mold. Anyway it turns on and runs but the screen is off. It was fine for a while then it adjusted itself so now it's stretched and I can't adjust it. Also the sound is really low . Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. get another board then. or its a bad trace mabie?
  7. any of the 100 series adapters work. its a great machine but probably wont do anything until you recap the board and screen
  8. its greedy people who find it somewhere in there mamas basement and either sell it for 600 or they will just recycle it. They are pretty dumb and actually think its worth more then $10 becuase they see the prices they go for on ebay. The old junk pc prices are no better
  9. well the beeping could of been a secret bomb inside the performa. could also be the speaker
  10. yes. i just made the one hinge looser basically it worked on my powerbook 170 and 145b and thinkpad. if you make the hole to big it will be to much loose.
  11. i took the hinges apart used a drill to make the hinge hole wider used some vaseline to loosen it and made the other hinge completely loose so its only using one hinge. is hard to explain
  12. I had a powerbook 145b and you know what I lost ky patience with the hinges and just snapped them off. I was able to find replacment screen for it and adjusted the hinges so they are looser
  13. i had one it could be the power adapter plug needs resoldering or the thing was plugged in the wrong voltage. or its just a peice of junk like mine was
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