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  1. Any day you find a forgotten 040 upgrade is a good day! Good luck finding the disk. Your ROM label sounds like mine, @oldappleguy's sounds newer than mine.
  2. It didn't mount on the desktop when I booted from a disk connected to the integrated SCSI bus. I have the disk set up with a terminator - I've never heard of trying without. I'd prefer to not as my IIx doesn't reliably start with video, so a cold start (after shuting down to change something on the SCSI bus) can be a half hour of faff! I need to do some investigation on the IIx but that is another issue. I was waiting to move house but it has dragged on 5 months. SCSI Director 4 crashes the machine - I've not tried to work out why, but FWB Toolkit and SCSIProbe only see the int
  3. @mg.man Yeah, I connected my 20SC to it, no luck. I'd guess you can't boot from it, but can connect a load of disks for storage. Or mine is a dud. Possible. But I can see the ROM details in tattletech.
  4. Thanks for doing the digging and the links from what I've been reading it will work as a conventional SCSI card as well - it is a SCSI card with extras rather than single purpose. The descriptions include comments like "select which of the disk you want to twin" rather than it being a fixed pair. The trick to finding stuff is taking yourvtime. It took me 6 months to get drivers for a Sigma Designs video card
  5. Some photos of my board for interest.
  6. I wonder if he has copies... https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-saxer-b379b426
  7. Thanks @oldappleguy. Are you able to make a disk image of the disk you do have for the other card? To make sure there is a copy online if anyone ever needs it. Could I be cheeky and ask could you scan/photograph the DiskTwin manual for me? I don't have anything at all with mine. I keep forgetting to take a photo of my card, but from memory it looks similar.
  8. I tried it without drivers before I came asking no luck!
  9. Yes I have, nothing exciting I don't think.
  10. Hello folks, I picked up a SCSI card in a auction lot of three NUBUS cards, it is a "TwinDisk" by a company called Golden Triangle. Sadly I have no drivers, but would love to get it running! Can anyone help? Do you have one? Do you have a driver disk? Or know somewhere I can get the driver online? Attached is a page from a book about upgrades about the card and software for interest.
  11. @taddy currently there is only a working 4MB design. Larger SIMMs require a different design. I have some massive 16MB SIMMs, but doubt they would be cost effective to sell as they have 37 chips total Might reverse engineer them anyway. Note they're double sided.
  12. Try not to let him / them get a rise out of you. Awesome projects draw so many people and it only takes one. You must realise how much we appreciate the effort you've put in. If it was so simple, why didn't someone do it years ago? It has taken your time and money, as well as determination to get this far and I really appreciate that. We mustn't feed the trolls, because they're always hungry and don't appreciate good food.
  13. Just to add, @Kai Robinson has been absolutely awesome, having funded more than his share of the project, done the actual reverse engineering of the SIMMs and sourced most of the parts. Much appreciated. I've wanted to do this project for months but was nervous of attacking it without some support.
  14. Well, I've been a little slow updating, but last weekend I assembled the first 4, 4MB RAM SIMMs after receiving the blank boards and parts through from Kai. They were a little tricky to put together as the underchip capacitors were not of consistent height and some were lifting the chips above them, causing them to not reflow solder properly. This was fixed by hand soldering areas that looked troublesome. Not very efficient as it took a few hours to make the single set of 4 SIMMs. The excellent news for Mac II and IIx owners? After a little bit of tweaking they worked! My IIx is ab
  15. @Kai Robinson how did you know I was programming... the heat gain wasn't converging so I was having to tweak the source...
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