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  1. Oh no, i already tried it. The Key C works only on the Newer PowerPC and Intel Models. On the old 68K booting from SCSI CD-Drive is not so straightforward
  2. I have the problem, that the drive is recognised by the System (Is correctly displayed in Apple System Profile) but doesnt mound Data CDs (ISO9600). I found FBW Toolkit Driver, which running just fine now. It mount anything. Thanks can be closed
  3. Hello guys. I'm searching for the way to install MacOS 7.6.1 from SCSI CD-ROM Drive (I have 3: Pioneer PCP-PR1W portable, Panasonic KXL-810A Portable and Yamaha 5,25 CD-RW) What i need is: an Universal Boot Floppy Disk, which would load CD-ROM Driver. Do someone have such floppy disk / image Thanks
  4. Hello guys Maybe someone had similiar problem and know the solution. I have a small external SCSI CD-ROM Drive Panasonic / Matshita KXL-810AN. It can be attached on PCMCIA SCSI-II Card or straight to Macintosh SCSI-Port with an 25pol to 50pol SCSI Cable / Adapter. I try to get it running on my PowerBook 2400c under MacOS 9.2.2 I didn't get any CDs mounted, because there is no driver. I have Pioneer CD-ROM Driver installed, it works with the Pioneer drives only, and not with Panasonic drive. I also modified the standard Apple CD/D
  5. Installed MacOS 9.2.1 and 9.2.2 Update on my 2400c/180 using OS9Helper. USB CardBus card hangs the System and prevent it from booting, when inserted
  6. I read somewhere, the USB Problem is solved, when you take USB Driver form MacOS 9.2.2 or install MacOS 9.2.2 with the 9Helper Tool.
  7. Hi guys, On My PowerBook 2400c/180 i have a Problem, that all 64MB EDO RAM Module are recognized with half of capacity (32MB instead of 64MB) Which EDO-RAM Modules i should use to get 80MB RAM ?
  8. I know, the thread is old... But if someone still need an PowerBook 2400c Display or other parts - let me know. I"m thinking in disassemble my 2nd PowerBook 2400c to keep some parts as spare and sell some.
  9. I can share my experience here: I had used: Cheap CF to 44Pin Adapter from eBay + CF Card KingSpec PA25 32GB PATA SSD Toshiba 128GB mSATA SSD with red DeLock mSATA to 44Pin PATA Adapter. All 3 combinations have worked like a charm in this PowerBooks: PowerBook 1400c PowerBook 2400c PowerBook G3 Lombard PowerBook G3 Pismo PowerBook G4 Titanium 866MHz The fastest option was of course the mSATA SSD with DeLock Adapter on PowerBook G4. On PowerBook 1400c / 2400c all combination had approx. the same speed
  10. Small correction: Tried it again: 2x boots were fine, 2x boots were stuck at MacOS 9.1 logo. So there seems really some problems with cardbus cards on boot here,,,,
  11. Thanks, already bought one in Japan / Zenmarket. Now searching for Upgrades. Its never-ending story....
  12. My 2400c/180 boots fine with Macally USB 1.1 Card plugged in. I have enabled CardBus on my PowerBook 2400c by cutting the 2 yellow cables.
  13. really awesome... Where did you get it?
  14. Hello guys! I'm new on this forum, my name is Pawel, i'm from Berlin / Germany. Have a Powerbook 180 and 1400c. Searching for a 2400c. So if someone wants to sell his - i would buy it
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