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  1. I have a number of early PowerBooks like the 180 which have the same issue and I’m wondering if anyone knows what causes this or how to fix it. The display works fine and when first booted is fine. But then over the period of a few minutes, the corners get darker and this spreads in causing a vignette effect as shown in the photo. It seems very organic so I assume it’s not a problem with the image data. It does not look like a backlight problem.
  2. I've just posted a reply to a 2017 thread about repair of a Lisa power supply but maybe I should have messages you firstly. Anyhow, you seem very knowledgeable about Lisas and so wondered if you could answer another question about internal drives. I have two Lisas; one came with a ProFile (sadly not working), and the other came with a widget drive. The latter Lisa does not work (PSU is faulty as per other post) so I wanted to test the widget drive in my other fully working Lisa as I have never had a hard drive so I could load the Lisa OS. I was surprised to see that the spare data and power connectors in the drive bay of my working Lisa are both different to the connections on the widget drive.

    Is there a way to fit the widget drive to the other Lisa?

  3. I have a very similar problem. I have two Lisas; one fully working and another that one of the main safety caps in the PSU had blown. They are both the Datapower 180W PSUs. I've replaced all 5 of the yellow boxy safety caps and the two huge round caps. I normally run power supplies through a 100W light bulb when testing to avoid nasty explosion (Jestine Yong tip) but this is preventing the Lisa from starting up. Whether I use the original PSU or the repaired PSU in the fully working Lisa, the power button light blinks on, status builds up on the screen, the 100W lamp pulses on momentaril
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