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  1. Using a 12 auto lamp (the kind for static timing adjustments) the new readings are: Yellow 11.8 V Blue 10.9 V Red 4.3- 4.4 still some oscillation on this circuit.
  2. I found a link discussing this PSU in depth: https://www.badcaps.net/forum/showthread.php?t=62455&highlight=astec+aa16990 It seems you can't measure the voltage output unless the PSU is under load. I'll see what I can figure out.
  3. We seem to have the same model. I haven't even looked at the capacitors. Does your transformer have orange grease/ goo on it? I'm also curious about the voltages that you get out of the motherboard connector.
  4. So, I figured out how to get into the power supply. At first glance, everything looks good. No bulging capacitors, the board looks really clean, until.... There seems to be a lot of grease or goo around the transformer. Is that normal? if not, can you replace them?
  5. The innards of a 660AV power supply
  6. So, as I try to restore the Quadra, I thought that I'd start with the power supply. Searching the forums, I didn't find anything related to the pin configuration for the 9 pin socket that goes to the motherboard. I took a volt meter to it and this is what I found: Positive lead (Black) to Negative lead (Blue): Voltage seems to oscillate between 3-4 volts. Positive lead (Yellow) to Negative lead (Black): Voltage seems to oscillate between 7-8 volts. Positive lead (Red) to Negative lead (Black): Voltage reads in at 4.2 volts Any idea what that means? Assuming
  7. So I have all of the parts to restart the machine, although I forgot to order the power cord to the scsisd, so that's a hassle. Anyhow, I thought that I'd put in the battery and fire it up to check the status. After struggling to figure out which way the battery goes (my eyes are not what they used to be), I powered it up a few times. No chime, no sound, no video. The power supply kicks on, the CDROM, spins up momentarily, and the LED lights. Yanked the CDROM and the RAM: no change. I'm going to pull out the board and clean it. It looks like it has been partially recapped. I
  8. I've had the adapter replaced, although I've abandoned the AL. I'll see if I can fit it in my Titanium.
  9. Thanks all for your comments! It does seem that I have a powerbook RAM slot issues.. . After testing both slots, cleaning them, and removing and inserting the RAM back into them. I got the outer slot working again. I can see 1GB of my 2GB installed. Currently, the hacked 9.2.2 CD wont boot, so I was going to install OSX 10.4 onto it, but now I can't get the computer to recognized the MSATA to ATA drive (ABLECONN/Samsung 860 EVO) that I put into the computer. Ugh.... Current status: OSX 10.4, W/O CLassic (which I miss) on the old hard drive, w/ half the ram. I'm so gla
  10. I was trying to install a hacked version. Regarding memory, I swapped in the memory that worked before, and even tried removing cards and swapping where they were plugged in. Nothing. I have noticed that in addition to the current issues, I get nothing at all if I try to run the computer without the battery installed (with the power cord). Don't know if that is related.
  11. Howdy! So I bought an ALuminum PB (1.5MHz), The hard drive was small (80 GB) and only registered 512 MB of memory. I Bought 2 GB memory and the MSATA to ATA Adapter with Samsung EVO MSATA. Opening the memory, there was actually two 512MB sticks; I don't know why one wasn't recognized. After opening up the notebook (not an easy task), I swapped out the ATA drive with the substitute, buttoned her up, and turned it on. It beeped three times, and a light near the hinge release began flashing three times. I put in a MACOS 9.2.2 cd and waited. More flashing, but nothing else. Tried re
  12. Understood. I looked a day and a half ago, and they had 4. Thanks for checking on this for me! Will do. Thanks for letting me know this. I'm guessing that means you get a composite signal at boot. Maybe I don't have to wait for my adapter to give a preliminary start.
  13. I guess I wasn't expecting the ribbon to go straight down. Whew, one less thing to worry about. The batteries don't seem to be that expensive. I'll just spring for one. I'm not adverse to recapping the system; but I'd like to see if it starts before I launch into that project. I understand that you can't use polymer or tantalum capacitors in the power supply. Correct? Yes, I'd appreciate that! Regarding hard drives, scsi2sd seems the way to go, but they seem to be in short supply at reasonable prices. Did the manufacturer stop making them?
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