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  1. Spectacular! Very impressive indeed.
  2. I bought too. They’re fantastic. Here’s the thread.
  3. Mine is also a full 040. No idea how they source these chips and where in the supply chain the faking is happening. I sent them a screenshot of the original listing and said that the item I received was incorrect and runs too hot for my purposes. I received a full refund and they did not ask me to return it. I never called it out as a fake, I just said it was the wrong mask, which they didn't argue with.
  4. I had the same experience with them last week. They refunded me at least.
  5. As a reference, I run Dark Castle on my SE/30 booted into 6.0.8. I have an original boxed copy. I have never actually tried booting from the disk; I always boot from HD and then start the game. It does not work however, if I use ‘040 accelerators in the SE/30.
  6. Nice work! Mine are white with metal clips. I’ve never had any issues fortunately.
  7. Looks great @inertialcomputing. Do you know roughly when these might be available for purchase? I'm working on refurbishing a 550c.
  8. That's been on my mind too. I hope all is well. I tested the 2MB SIMM and it worked well for me.
  9. A DOS card recently sold on eBay and it got me thinking; is it remotely possible to convert a non-DOS compatible board to be compatible, e.g. by adding the missing internal video connector? The extra SIM slot looks easy enough to add and may not even be necessary to have in the first place.
  10. Man, that looks great. Inertial should sell these instead of the 2.5 inch SCSI2SD. If not I'm sure a bunch of folks here are interested if you make a few.
  11. Thanks. Yeah, backed up System Folder is always a good idea. For some of my Macs I have an image of the base install always ready to go. To each their own I guess. I mostly agree, but I also enjoy using System 6 and System 7 on all my machines that can run it. With maxed out RAM it's hard to notice a difference in performance between 7.6 and 9, except for boot which is certainly a lot faster on 7.6. In any case, I certainly wouldn't want to be without 9. I originally intended to go down a similar path as @jeremywork above (and I have in another Mac), but for the T
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