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  1. No, I think your level of excitement is appropriate.
  2. Looks fantastic - looking forward to getting some playing time on my SE/30! And CQ II BBS would love to host your shareware download when ready.
  3. $200-$300 - yes $500 - hard to justify spending that much...
  4. It was a while ago, but the voltages were a little on the low side, so I just turned the pot up a smidge while the computer was on and it instantly fixed it. I had already recapped both the logic board and the analog board without any improvement in the wobble. Someone suggested reflowing the solder on the analog board's monitor wires but that didn't help either. Then I read somewhere that it could be due to low voltage and bingo!
  5. I had a Classic with a wobbly screen and after I turned up the voltage (I forget where the adjustment is on the Analog Board) it worked perfect.
  6. The preorder thread is here, but I don't think he's making any more of them. You could PM him and see if he's got any extras.
  7. I'm all for original equipment, but my technical knowledge is limited to recapping, and if that doesn't work I look for a replacement...
  8. It was definitely the power supply. I did the mAcTX LC conversion with a modern power supply and everything works perfect now.
  9. I think I'm on v0.8.0, so I definitely need to upgrade.
  10. Excellent review! And now I know why formatted SD cards from my MacBook Pro won't work with the MacSD... With the ability to also use this as a CD emulator, I felt that this would work better as an external device that I could use with several of my vintage Apples. So I ended up putting mine in an Apple HD 20SC case with an SD card extension cable - you can see the project here. The instant power-up and no need for external power is a huge plus with the MacSD. The MacSD works exactly as it's supposed to with the included SD card (which was a nice bonus!). I've even
  11. It's a deal! I was wondering what part of MN you were from. We need to find a few more locals so we can have a LAN party!
  12. Cool project! I'm partial to "Scuzduino" myself. Will you include an Elsa brush with each order?
  13. I stand corrected - thanks for clarifying!
  14. Everything is configurable by popping the MacSD's SD card into your modern computer and editing the macsd.ini text file, so no difference. An SD extension cable is highly recommended...
  15. Thanks for the explanation - makes sense now. If anyone else wants the IIgs CD "images", they'll be up on my server soon.
  16. I found a few more IIgs CD images and have the same issue. The images won't mount as CD images but work fine if you mount them as HD images. So I guess that's one workaround...
  17. Just added an RGB LED to the HD so I can monitor SCSI activity, SD activity, and Errors with one light. If you do this, just make sure you get an LED with a common cathode instead of a common anode.
  18. The modern .dsk format is different than the Disk Copy format I believe. Your Color Classic should be able to read ProDOS formatted disks, and you could transfer files between the two computers that way. The easiest way would be to get a Floppy Emu - it will work with your Macs and Apple IIc+ so you could easily justify the cost! They're so handy that I have two of them. Also, ADT Pro allows you to transfer disk images between a modern computer and your IIc+ with a serial cable.
  19. I'm using a GGLabs A2SCSI which is an Apple SCSI rev. C card clone, and I've got all three of those drivers installed. HS.FST and HFS.FST are installed too. The Deluxe Ware CD .iso image works fine on my Mac LC III but not on the IIgs for some reason. I can read the Deluxe Ware .dmg image as an HD on my IIgs however. It would be nice to have some other IIgs CD images to test out, but I haven't been able to find them...
  20. Thanks guys! Interestingly, the IIgs can read the CDROM image if I mount it as an HD image, since it's in HFS format.
  21. This is a very cool device! I put a MacHD in an external HD case so I can use it with my vintage Macs and IIgs. I've got a RaSCSI too, for which the price is definitely right, but it's nice not having to wait for the Pi to boot up before you turn your computer on, and it's also nice to be able to hook up an HD activity light.
  22. I love anything with the old Apple logo on it, so when I found a cheap dead Apple HD 20SC on eBay, I had to have it. And I'd been looking for something to put my MacSD in, thinking that this would be better as an external device so I could use it with both vintage Macs and Apple IIgs. I had never retro-brighted anything before, but I found this premixed Retro-Brite gel which just applies with a paintbrush. I kept it outside all day in the autumn MN sun, applying new coats every couple of hours, and after only one day it looked great! Here's the before and after.
  23. Are the two monitors on top of each other IIgs or Mac monitors?
  24. The shunt regulator does not appear to be shorted. Any other suggestions?
  25. So my TDK 614-0003 power supply in my LC III recently died. It was making a clicking sound and only putting out a few volts. After recapping it, it's making good voltage but still making a clicking sound and the voltage goes up and down with these clicks. Any idea what I should replace next? I do have the mAcTX LC conversion kit but I was hoping to get the old power supply working to use as a backup.
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