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  1. Thanks! It’s been awhile since I’ve updated it (still working well enough for my purposes) and haven’t tested under many different environments, so let me know if you encounter any issues and I’ll get them fixed.
  2. It’s possible I suppose. I am a bit ham-fisted and might’ve checked continuity incorrectly. I’ll check again out of curiosity.
  3. Funny enough, this did not end up being the problem. Long story short: I randomly ordered a vintage Apple serial cable (with the actual Apple logo on the ends), figuring that it had a 5% chance of fixing the issue. Remember, I tested continuity of each of the pins on my first cable and it worked to send data over ZTerm. Of course, I plugged it in and it worked perfectly. No issues printing at all, and it worked on both printers flawlessly. So after all that, it ended up being a weird cable. I regret nothing because I love having spares for the printer and the 2400c, tho
  4. Ah yes, I should've mentioned that. AppleTalk is always disabled, and I've even tried booting with extensions disabled except the ones related to printing just to make sure there's nothing else trying to use the port.
  5. So this is a weird issue that's taken me many months to diagnose. Picked up PowerBook 2400c from @JRL in February and it works really well aside from this issue; absolutely my favourite Mac ever despite the tiny keyboard. Ordered a StyleWriter 2200 shortly after that in almost mint condition from Japan, finally received it in late May. SW2200 boots up, prints test page just fine, paper occasionally jams but it does work. Except that it doesn't receive print jobs from the PB2400 (2400 just says it couldn't communicate with the printer). Recapped SW2200, same issue.
  6. I'd love to know this as well. For now, I stuck some small transparent bumpers (the ones you can put on the bottom of small furniture items) on those holes. Not really noticeable and it keeps the display from hitting the palm rest and trackpad (important to protect this).
  7. To save you time, I'll reproduce this setup on the weekend and link to non-copyrighted files and provide a bit more detail. But for now: I tried 691-0924-K_MTP-PPC_12-98.iso, and I tried mounting a .img of that created with DiskCopy 6.2 when it was mounted in SheepShaver. These did not work. What ended up working was mounting a .dsk originally copied from Savage Taylor (I forget their 68kmla username) in SheepShaver, deleting the contents, and copying the files from the mounted .iso (showing up as a disk in emulator) to that mounted .dsk. I do know that the
  8. I have the same card as you running under 7.6.1. I didn't even bother with any encryption since WEP is broken. I created a separate VLAN and DHCP server on my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter, and created a separate wifi network (called 2400, speed limited to 3Mbps and with MAC address authentication) Only my 2400 with it's WaveLan MAC can connect Even if I had a malicious neighbour who spoofed the MAC, they'd only get 3mbps and wouldn't see any of my other networked devices (due to separate VLAN) I could go a step further and only enable it at specific times of day, or eve
  9. Just found this thread. This is so cool! Love that you’ve added the correct sounds, especially playing from the correct part of the case.
  10. Got mine yesterday evening and had it up and running in 30 mins with my Pi Zero. I did see an issue trying to freshly format a new blank disk with Lido (crashed before finishing formatting, and crashed on reboot), but no issues after a reboot with it unplugged. I did try other disk images: couldn't get an ISO working, or a disk image made from that ISO with DiskCopy 6.2 within MacOS 7.6.1, but I did get a previously-used .dsk with good partition map info working with the contents of that disk image (dragged over). With the "good" disk images, it works flawlessly! With m
  11. This is great! So this is separate from the regular RaSCSI web interface, correct? I recall seeing the regular one was written in PHP and wishing it was Python so that I could effectively contribute. I see this is Python + Flask which I use for Mosaicbin (Feedbin client for Vintage Macs). Are there any issues yet that could be tackled as a "good first issue" for non-pro developers like myself?
  12. Ah, that makes sense! I ran into this issue yesterday so I pulled out my PDF copy of Mac Secrets 2nd edition. The solution: hold down Cmd-Opt-Shift-Delete after hitting power, and it ignores the internal drive (in my case, SD to IDE in my 2400c) until it boots off an external drive. (Of course, if there's also an external drive I suspect you'd need to unplug that and let RaSCSI boot, then plug it back in.) This should work with most Old World Macs. I'll give it the RaSCSI a try with my Zero first, and maybe try the Pi 4 later on. Thanks for the help!
  13. That's awesome! I was on the fence for $70 but I have more money than time these days being busy at work, but $45 is great! Just ordered it. I have no problem booting the Pi before the Mac; I assumed this would be the case. I'm actually confused why this would be an issue; is there a situation I'm missing or is it just that it's not as instant as a scsi2sd? One last question: planning on using this with a spare Pi Zero non-wifi (whatever the latest rev is). Is this any less reliable or slower than a Pi 4? ie. should I just buy a Pi 4 and use that if it makes the experie
  14. After futzing about with my scsi2sd 5.5 for the past four hours and having slow writes, unreliable mounting, and disk errors, I've have enough of it. I heard about this project back in 2019 on HN and stumbled upon it again today. Progress looks absolutely amazing!! If I were to buy one (fully assembled to save time soldering), how well does it currently work and how reliable is it? (I have extensive Linux experience and very familiar with the Pi/Raspbian.) Basically, if I follow the instructions in the wiki, is it currently in a state where it works reliably?
  15. jonpurdy

    JRL's Conquests

    That is wild! Were you able to verify if the prototype Blackbird have a 68040 CPU? Looks like the screen is the usual 640x480 panel from the rest of the 500-series; is it the same grayscale screen as the 520?
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