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  1. I’ve recapped this, all traces of power supply side are good. 1st try - loud pop with sparks and found broken and burnt caps at C7. 2nd try - replaced and ensure all good, power up with chime. 3rd try - same as first. what could be wrong? Short at other traces or faulty components?
  2. I can only right click using “=“ key in dos environment. Have yet to try win.
  3. can’t, I found TheMouse2B v1.1 on Mac Garden and I can’t assign a right click.
  4. Hi as above, I know the “=“ key on KB is to right the the mouse in DOS environment. However is there a mouse that supports right click? I’ve tried using 2 button ADB mouse but that just don’t right click in DOS.
  5. Thanks for sharing! I printed both and will be using one for my PowerBook 180c. Will keep the 500s spare for my 540c.
  6. Tantalum, I did not take a pic of the board but if you wanna see I’ll remove it and take a pic. It is hilarious but it really works. I don’t know why.
  7. Very very odd, I kept my fingers crossed when I was gonna recap it the opposite way. But I’ve confirmed the traces are correct so I took a bet.
  8. I got the exact same problem as you. - Working board, recapped and shows checkered screen. - checked trace and found C5 and C9 positives were ground. - checked the negative sides and they were connected, meaning the positive and negative got swapped! - I turned both caps to solder positive on negative and vice versa. Machine booted without problem. WERID?!
  9. Anyway to share, check your resistor R35 I think is cut? How many MBs or ram? I noticed mismatch of rams may cause SE to power up with black screen and no chime.
  10. C9 positive to C139 negative to R33
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