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  1. Checked and my DZ6 isn’t shorted. Guess I’m out of luck. still thank you for sharing your repair.
  2. Ok thanks much, I’ll take a look at it
  3. I’ve recapped it, washed the board and it chimes, screen lights up and stayed as it. There isn’t activity of booting, no sound from the SCSI drive and even I unplugged it there’s no disk icon. It doesn’t do anything after chimes. Any trace or parts I should be looking at?
  4. I have a 2400c with the exact same problem. I doubt it will boot up. GLoD ....
  5. It happened to my TAM previously with a bad HDD. It will chime with black screen. Unplugging the ribbon on the TAM will work. Try it.
  6. Would you be selling the analog which the sound doesn’t work?
  7. But it’s now cleaned up, recapped and got a new display.
  8. you are right, this is a spare part board and it still leaked. Look at the leak.
  9. Digging an old thread. Is ADB KVM still available? I’ve got a Macintosh Color Monitor connected to my 6100. I’m thinking of connecting a KVM to my Duo Dock as I only have one DB15 monitor
  10. Isn’t it 9w? I have it for sale, as well as the dongle, keyboard, battery pack (doesn’t hold charge anymore) and stylus for sale.
  11. This is how one looks like.
  12. If it doesn’t power up lol try this. Smell at the tab and cap key area on the KB. If you smell smelly fishy smell, the caps are leaking. That’s for sure. I just recapped a MiniDock full of fishy leaky caps. They worked after that.
  13. The power board of the Duo may need recapping to power up again. It’s pretty common.
  14. Hi I have the followings for sale. 1. Apple MiniDock 2. Apple Floppy Adapter 3. Apple 3.5” 1.44mb floppy drive All are working for PowerBook Duo. Hit me a PM to discuss.
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