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  1. If it doesn’t power up lol try this. Smell at the tab and cap key area on the KB. If you smell smelly fishy smell, the caps are leaking. That’s for sure. I just recapped a MiniDock full of fishy leaky caps. They worked after that.
  2. The power board of the Duo may need recapping to power up again. It’s pretty common.
  3. Hi I have the followings for sale. 1. Apple MiniDock 2. Apple Floppy Adapter 3. Apple 3.5” 1.44mb floppy drive All are working for PowerBook Duo. Hit me a PM to discuss.
  4. Hi thanks for making this post. However if it’s not the fuses, what could be the fault? Caps in power board?
  5. Yes I know, that’s why I will just live with it.
  6. It’s a backlit. Actually I can live with it. It runs well still.
  7. because sometimes after I run my portable from start to sleep cycle and a few times within an hour or so , it will register as low batt even the batt is fully charged. It will then go to sleep to prevent batt from draining. I’m not too sure what’s causing it.
  8. What’s the symptom of a failed Q16?
  9. Ok but yours did not suffer from GLoD right? Mine is, I’m gonna dissemble it later to check. I wonder if recapping will solve the issue
  10. Wow nice! What did u do to make it boot?
  11. Alright time to recap after fixing the broken trace. I smell fish...even this board is new it has been in storage for 2 decades, once it powered up it leaked. will need to hunt for a new display too.
  12. Found U23 one of the pin has no continuity, I soldered a wire over and it chimes and startup now showing flashing disk. however this isn’t too stable, after a few tries it stops powering up again. Will take a look at it again later.
  13. will a faulty display prevent it from powering up?
  14. Also only 1 of the 5 x duo charger from storage works. 1 or which still gives smoke when plugged in.
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