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  1. The contrast between the pixelated Mac image and the smooth anti-aliased, yet retro Chicago font is part of the unique unreproducible artistic expression.
  2. I wish I could make places understand. If you do a single wipe with all zero's the ONLY way you are going to get any data off that drive is if you have a clean room and a professional setup (like a drive recovery company). I believe the theory is that if you wipe the drive with all zero's (or any other predictable pattern), you can still read the platters and there will be very very slight differences between each zero, and you can then determine which bits were originally one's. No one is going to go through all that trouble to steal a credit card number. If you wipe 7 times with alternat
  3. Has anyone ever done a Mac mini inside of an iMac G3 while retaining the original CRT? On a tray-loader you have an actual Mac-style video cable right there. All you would need to do is convert it to VGA and then to DVI. Power could be provided with a hacked cable of some sort feeding off the iMac's PSU. For the custom fit you could create a new side panel and bring the ports out to the side.
  4. So does the WaveLAN card "just work"? You don't need to modify the card at all, other than making it fit in the case? I wonder - would a PCMCIA format, AirPort Extreme compatible 802.11g card work in that slot and give you Extreme speeds? That is, some PCMCIA card that works in a PowerBook's PC card slot with unmodified AirPort Extreme drivers as if it were a real AirPort Extreme card.
  5. Any legitimate recycler paying $20 for an old iMac is horseshit. It generally costs recyclers money to deal with the CRTs. That means there has to be more than $20 in scrap value in the remaining parts, and there isn't. Tray load CD - worthless Hard drive - less than $1 Motherboard - small motherboard equals small scrap value CPU - small scrap value due to lack of gold on those particular CPUs Memory - small scrap value Analog Board - almost no scrap value CRT - negative scrap value Copper Windings - reduced copper values Plastics - less than 1¢ Steel - less than 1¢ Even i
  6. All this was given to me. Pristine condition Centris 650 with pristine Apple Display. Literally this setup looks and works brand new. Pristine-looking Personal LaserWriter - but when he turned it on at the meet it started smoking out of the back :( LaCie SCSI HD Global Village Modem Boxed AppleVision 1710, broken, mostly took it for the box. Older Titanium PowerBook, broken but looks complete IBM PC AT, working IBM Color Monitor, working USB Scanner Random modem looking thing 2x Apple Flat ADC CRTs PowerComputing 200 MHz Tower, with matching keyboard Color S
  7. That's crap. Are the moderators so insecure in their decision making that they feel the need to ban discussion of their decisions? Hey, $5 says they lock this thread.
  8. Don't take the Mac to a repair shop. I don't see how that could turn out well financially. I have had some experience with USB cards. OS 9 includes some USB drivers but they are wrong. You have to throw them away, and install USB Card Support from the separate installer. This usually works for me on Beige G3s. Install the drivers and restart. If the card doesn't work then it's either incompatible or defective. I have confirmed this several times: - Install OS 9 (and any upgrades) - Delete the USB extensions - Install the USB card - Install USB Card Support 1.4.1 If the card
  9. Try increasing the brightness and/or voltage knobs on the flyback. On some monitors, it works really well and makes it seem like brand new, but on other monitors it just washes out the picture and causes diagonal lines to appear, or doesn't do much of anything.
  10. Windows 98 SE can use wireless, if you buy an older card with drivers. I remember one time when mom brought home a State of Texas laptop from work. Damn thing had no Ethernet port but it did have a CD-ROM drive and a USB port. I hooked up an old WUSB11 dongle and got it online.
  11. I remember hooking up a 6500 to a 6100 one time and it worked - the 6100's hard drive showed up on the 6500. Since the 6500 doesn't use a SCSI hard disk, it had nothing on ID 0. I turned on the 6500 first, waited a few seconds, then turned on the 6100, which was headless. I guess what happened is that the 6500 got control of ID 7 first, and when the 6100 tried to take it, it failed and crashed silently, but allowed the internal SCSI hard drive to pass through.
  12. I have a 20" Cinema Display. Lately I've noticed that after I close a bright Safari window, I can still see the outline of the window and even some faint text superimposed on the default Leopard desktop background, sort of like a light burn-in. The ghost image takes over 30 seconds to fade away. Backlight is still nice and bright, everything else about the display is perfect except for these ghost images.
  13. I'm not sure if I want to open any of the boxes... I have a few circa-1984 boxes like MacProject and the first version of AppleShare, that are still shrinkwrapped. Extremely rare stuff. Actually I have two shrinkwrapped HyperCard Dev Kits. One is for sale if anyone is interested. I have seen that before. I still have several copies of Microsoft Project and Office 98 for Mac that came from a company. Most of the Project boxes are sealed new in box and I have actually sold two of them at $25 each, to two different large companies, who I suppose needed to open the old fil
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