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  1. just a couple of possibilities here for your consideration. If you haven't already done so, you may wish to see if the SCSI data cable is seated properly. Once upon a time that plagued me on an IBM ps2 8580. Also, another possibility is that your machine has suffered a data cable failure. I had an IDE drive I knew was good simply quit in machine i was working on. I tested another good drive on the same cable, and it failed to start up as well. I finally figured out it was the cable at fault. But who would suspect that a data cable would ever quit? I believe it had been pinched some h
  2. Well, here is my two cents worth on your dead mini. I was about to suggest that you try a different drive to see if it was a HD data cable issue. I had one go bad once, just how I do not know. It's just wires, right? Ha. The drive was good, just as yours is, and the machine worked fine until I changed the drive. After hair pulling for a few minutes, I discovered the cable had died. Probably a really thin copper line had been pinched at some point and it broke with the extra movement when I hooked up the drive. As for the power supply killing the machine, it is possible if the machine has
  3. Oh yes. It is very real . Before I got my units, Chris , the former mac guru at REPC in Seattle smirked a bit and handed one over for me to sniff. I about burned my nose out. It is kinda like scorched electric gym socks. He said that some had the smell,and to get rid of it you had to get another keyboard to replace the smelly one. I recall he said that it was a supplier issue for that particular part number. One supplier used a glue /adhesive that eventually would start to let you know it was there.
  4. I never tried to run mine with out the personality card. If you fire it up without the wings card , or whichever one you have, it might freeze up. If that is what you mean by removing the card.
  5. it could be a component issue. If you are using the second mobo, and have transferred all the components from the other board, that is to say the ram, CPU, video ram if any, any PCI bus cards, and the problem persists, then it is likely one of two problems, considering the exhaustive work you have done. Either both boards have the exact same issue, or the problem lies with a transferred component. I call it migration of the problem to another platform. I encountered this on a PC with a relatively new cdrom. It ceased to boot. Nothing I did reveled the problem and so I gave up on the PC I was w
  6. I have a few of the stinkers. The former mac guru of RE-PC in Seattle, Chris, sold a few to me. they were nice machines, if you can ignore the keyboards . however, I must ask if you can provide a closeup of the sticker with the black apple logo on it, which is on the left hand upper corner of your screen. I have not seen the like before.
  7. I have a couple of bmt G3s. One is a rev c server 333mhz board in a 233 case. I last had it stoked with a gigabit eth card, an atto SCSI controller, and a usb-FireWire card. I did run a 16mb vid card in it , in place of the USB card, but never encountered any problems with it not playing nice with the other cards. There could be an issue in which card is placed where in your PCI slots. Also, you may wish to check the revision of your motherboard. Rev A boards, or the roms, were known to have some issues. I cant remember which.
  8. My 8500 started life as a 120mhz machine. I was able to get it from well known Seattle computer recycler REPC for a superb price. I fired it up and discovered it is sporting a g3 sonnet at 550mhz. It will be my appleip server as soon as I dig one of my 50gb scsis out of its hidey hole and clone the 1gb SCSI it has. It is relative identical in speed and introduction time frame to the power wave. I suspect that your machine must be equally as capable. That is why I was surprised the 225 wasn't working. Your list will be invaluable at some point. It would be a nice reference chart for those
  9. That is a nice one. Good speed and all. However, as with three of my Power Computing machines, there could be a G3 upgrade hiding inside. Addendum. The 8500-180 has a 604e, so I dont think I would have a problem trying out my 180mp. It shouldn't be a problem for a 604e in your machine. But I have read that the PowerComputing CPU cards can't be put in a mac, but the apple CPU cards can run in the Powercomputing machines. Maybe you can find a cheap 180/604e to try out and see if you can get some success there.
  10. Hey Jessenator, do you have a newer model of powercomputing computer that you could test the CPU in? I neglected to consider that the card itself could have an issue. A power tower pro, i think, might be useful in checking CPU functionality. Some time back i ran across a small list of CPU compatibility between the 604 powers Macs. I didnt save it at the time. I dont know if there is such a list for the clones.
  11. I found the thread, it is an 8500 board in a desktop case. The thread is "Odd Power Macintosh 7xxx? Setup" from hyperneogeo. The CPU is an overclocked 604ev, not 604e. I should have gone looking first before blabbing. But that raises a couple of questions. 1. Can the 8500 actually run an ev, or was that board modded like the CPU? And 2. Is there anyone on 68kmla who knows any power computing secrets they are willing to spill...i mean, share?
  12. With regards to the 604e running on the 85/9500, I can't really say. I believe there is a thread on the board that shows a crossover 8500 prototype running a 604e. It could be a revision change, as they went forward into the next model line, to test out CPU hardware. That board may or may not be modified. Apple always held onto some specs, and didn't let the market know what else their products could do. Like the 1gb limit on later emacs actually being 2gb. Maybe the same for Power Computing?
  13. I remembered something about the powerwave that I read on LEM. I had been looking for info as I own four power computing computers, powercenter, power tower pro, power tower, and I think another power center. Three g3/g4 upgrades, and one has a 210 604e in it. Anyways, the powerwave is a 604 machine, and your 225 CPU daughter card is a 604e. The powerwave may not be able to correctly run the 604e. Kinda like my 8500. It has a g3 sonnet, designed to deal with what most of the PCI powermacs require, but I dont know that it has the ability to run the 604e. I have a 180 mp w that i have thought ab
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