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  1. This SE/30 was acquired a year ago or more. It worked but knew I had to recap it. Then the internal drive started sticking. Today I put a Helgeson BlueSCSI in it and had planned to recap while opened.A pro or at least semi-pro got here first. I guess I just saved 3-4 hours, likely more by the looks of it.
  2. Another poor man's BlueSCSI success. Had Pin 22 plugged in one space off. Nice project but, never would have sorted it out without the working BlueSCSI. If you are looking for a mini project then sure OK , but , if you just want a replacement save your time and just buy a board/kit from Helgeson et al and enjoy your Mac.
  3. For the second Elgeson's BlueSCSI, I soldered a socket and determined 1 of the 2 generic STM32 wasn't't working, so maybe a bad unit. Also the SD to Micro SD wasn't working but the shield is now leaving a correct log. Now sorting out termination issues, I think.
  4. I've just unplugged the db 25 from the STM32 completely and retried both the micro SD shield (looks just like yours) and the min to SD card adapter...still 5 flashes. On the db cable, I soldered wires to all pins, so there are some that are not used. But just with the SD card and the STM32 only, I should still get a log on the SD card and do not.
  5. Well...I have 2 of E. Elgeson's BlueSCSI kits. I have built 1 and it works. I had to try a poor man's SCSI, so ordered from Amazon two STM32 bluepills that I assume are clones (because they won't work). The micro SD cards have been tested in Elgeson's BlueSCSI and there is no flashing and it leaves a log, so I know the SD cards work. On Elgeson's BlueSCSI, there is a green LED that is solid with power and a red led that flashes with activity or 5 times if I don't put in the SD card. On my poor man SCSI, the LED that comes on with power is red and solid, the one that flashes is red and 5 time
  6. Does the LED on your "clone" STM32 stay green after flashing. Pretty sure I have a clone...I have tried to flash with both TSM32Cube programmer with .bin file and pio using the hold then release reset button...both indicate success but one LED stays solid red and the other five red flashes. I've hooked the SD card up both with a shield and an SD card adapter....still 5 flashes.
  7. Haven't tried it myself but maybe hot glue? Its is pretty forgivable if you make a mistake....probably could get some type of texture on it as well....not sure about paint.
  8. High on the list for the stripe across the screen:
  9. Well, beginning TinkerCAD but because its solid and functional going to leave it here. If anyone interested in fine tuning, I can send the files for this model to you on TinkerCAD. Just be aware, once this is pressed together, you will likely have to destroy it to get it off. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4859916
  10. Correction, on the LCD there are three 10 uF 16 V caps, not only 2. Revisiting my 180C with torn cable today...finally got around to putting the ribbon cable from a "parts" machine into it and it looks fine at present. However, at the same time I recapped the screen, I also recapped the LCD power board intended with the two 22uF 10V caps....I can't remember where I got these caps and don't know what to make of the markings, I guess the 226 fits with 22 uF, but not sure of voltage. Thats a 226 (no 1, its just a reflection)
  11. The db19 plug on the Floppy EMU to the Mac or Apple II floppy port is exposed and I'm occasionally using while on carpet so was looking for a cover for it. Found this on thingiverse as a possible good starting point, but will have to find time and didn't want to reinvent the wheel. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4771993
  12. This is just crazy...thank you so much (erichelgeson and all of you) for figuring this out and posting. I ordered a board from androda and can verify it works on a Powerbook 180c. I had to change to a different sd card other than that it appears fine. I'm using a PNY 16GB/Go micro SD on which I put 2 disk images (250 MB at SCSI 0 and 500 MB at SCSI 1). Used an external SCSI drive to boot to System 7.5 (no particular reason 7.5, its just what I had ready to go) to install System 7 Pro (7.1.1) on the 250 MB internal disk). The sound of silence...the mechanical drive was grinding. Thank you aga
  13. I have this machine and use it a lot; its been great; running OS Catalina with dosDude patch and windows 10 from SSD's. Upgraded the video card with Radeon 580....no boot screen but works great.
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