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  1. Oh and the other difference is that the high res has a dual layer superdrive. I honestly don't know the answer to that question. Theoretically it shouldn't make any difference as they both use the same GPU, but knowing Apple there's probably some subtle difference that makes it impossible to use fit the high res screen. Apple are renowned, or should I say Steve Jobs was renowned for making it awkward and difficult for end users to get inside and upgrade the machines themselves. He detested the thought of someone getting inside and altering the perfection he felt the machine should be.
  2. Ahh the low res one. I have a high res and low res 1.67, 17 inch and to be honest there's not really a lot of difference between them that I can tell. The most obvious difference is the the higher resolution screen, which I admit is useful but only if you use the laptop as a laptop! I use both mine with a 20" Cinema display and external keyboard and both models display the same on the Cinema Display - the only difference is on the laptop screen itself. The RAMs faster in the high res but I don't notice much difference to be honest and the only other difference is that the high res comes wi
  3. It seems I'm not allowed to comment! But it's interesting someone else suggested the dreaded C word! Capacitors that is!
  4. Shame! Keep your eye open for a parts machine on eBay with a busted screen/busted case/missing RAM/HD etc. and hope the logic board is good. Don't bother with the 'sold as seen and untested' logic boards you find on eBay, it's odds on they're faulty. Sold as seen and untested is eBay speak for - this don't work. I would take a risk on some 'sold as seen' items (RAM for example) but not logic boards. The only way I'd buy a logic board on eBay is if it's sold as 'tested as working' and has a DOA warranty on it.
  5. Hey ccc Thanks for your input. The drive is for my G4 Titanium which I use primarily as a Classic OS 9 machine so compatibility with Classic OS would be important. I have a faint recollection that when using non-Apple OEM optical drives missing that firmware information means you can't boot from CD or DVD whilst holding the C key down. From what you've said, that would make sense. Also, when talking about Apple OEM drives, they're basically exactly the same model number etc and still made by Panasonic/Matsushita, they just have an Apple logo on the yellow panel, whereas generic dri
  6. I've just checked the Apple Service Manual for this machine and you're right, it will boot with the battery out - but ONLY if you're using the correct power adapter - which ccc isn't. However, resetting the PMU should be the next step really.
  7. Then with respect, you probably need to find yourself a new hobby, because fixing these old machines has no guarantees attached to them. A lot of it is trial and error - there are no guarantees anything will work 100%. However, being slightly, but not hugely philanthropic in nature, I'll offer you a deal. I can see you're in the UK, like me, so what I'm prepared to do is this. I'll send you FREE of charge a known working (known working because I will have tested it) SCSI hard disk with a preloaded System 7 for your particular machine. If this fixes your problem, in other words it was s
  8. The machine should still boot with the power adapter plugged in even though the battery is bad, although, if the battery has been allowed to drain to nothing you may have problems. It will not boot with the battery out and the power supply plugged in. The psu unit for the Titanium and later Alu models is the same wattage - 65w so that should still work okay. Try resetting the power management unit - hold the power key down for at least 6 seconds, let go then press once, if it still doesn't boot, reset the PMU from the logic board. The PMU on the logic board can be reset by bridging the two
  9. Heya The DVD drive on my Titanium laptop has started playing up and ejecting discs. It's running Classic OS 9.2.2 and I've checked all the correct extensions are in the Extensions folder. I've tested it with a known working DVD and CD and it whirrs a few times as if it's reading the disc and about to mount it but then just spits it out. It's seen on the ATA bus in profiler. I've pulled it from the laptop and checked the connections and opened it up and had a look inside to see if anything was amiss, but to be honest DVD drives are a bit beyond my capabilities. I couldn't see if anythin
  10. I have some power adapters from that era made by LiteOn so I'd venture a guess that they only made the power supply. Given that it's an Apple branded made by Quantum drive in there, I would think the external casing was designed and built by Apple.
  11. Well that isn't going to work given that Macintosh clears the RAM disk at shut down. This information isn't that hard to find if you make an effort to find it - http://support.apple.com/kb/TA21561?viewlocale=en_US http://support.apple.com/kb/TA21631?viewlocale=en_US You know the reason the hard disk doesn't work properly, but you refuse to do anything about it.
  12. Just seeing that Performa 6400 gives me the eebie jeebies! As in my opinion that machine was probably the worst pile of donkey doo doo Apple ever produced. To work on it was an absolute nightmare, build quality was rubbish and typical cheap junk made for the home consumer. I also disagree that the Apple HD was built to match it, the only curved part is vertical, the Performa curves are generally horizontal. The HD was probably built to match machines a couple of years earlier than 97, so look at 95ish machines as it was probably built to extend the life of older machines, not necessari
  13. Going back on topic, regarding browsers. I've got a Safari extension called ClickToFlash which blocks flash content with a plain white box. If you want to load the flash content you just click the box. I've found it to be an absolute godsend in speeding up Safari browsing and the difference is quite noticeable. It was eBay's annoying ads ironically enough that forced me to look for a flash blocker as the whole site and pages can slow to a crawl whilst waiting for those darned flash ads to load. That little extension is a double whammy - it not only blocks those annoying and stupid ads
  14. Thanks for the heads up on the Novus polish. I've just purchased some of that and will give my Lombard a good going over! Cheers!
  15. It's certainly not a Radius card that I've ever seen before and I have a few of them.
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