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  1. Ah bugger that’s a shame. Thanks for the info! Looks like I’ll have to get one of the Asante AAUI adaptors instead.
  2. No I don’t all that is long gone here in NZ, but the card has an Ethernet port so I thought I might be able to use it as an Ethernet device? Would this make sense?
  3. Does anyone have the drivers for this card? It's unrecognized by my system and I can't find the drivers anywhere
  4. I've finally got my hands on a Power Mac 7100 with a CPU upgrade but can't screen change resolutions. I have tried two LCD monitors (one with a native resolution of 1024x768), and a ViewSonic CRT with a native resolution of 1600x1200. I have tried several NUBUS cards and at the moment am sticking with the SuperMac Thunder/24 since the CPU upgrade uses the PDS slot. I have also tried three PDS cards. I'm using a DB15 > VGA adapter but this doesn't seem to be the problem as I've also tried a different one and get the same results. I've tried changing resolutions within the Mo
  5. Hi Night Stalker, Sorry for the very late reply, here's an image of the sticker removed. It appears to read: PEEL18CV8S CT005058VG 624FB -10
  6. The monitor mod sounds like a great idea!! I understand what you're saying but the technical stuff is a little over my head now, i'm not sure what the DeclROM is or how to find it?
  7. So here's how I went with TattleTech, and also Slot Info. Slot info seems as if it may be reading it as a video card??
  8. I haven't tried TattleTech, where can I get that from? I also just tried these drivers on OS7.6 and got the same results..
  9. It is the Farallon Ethernet PC Card drivers, although I didn't expect these to work as it's not a PC Card. The most luck I've had was with the 'PB1400 EN Installer 1.6 '. Once installed and restarted, immediately when the Finder loads I get an error message saying "No valid ethernet address was found", and "An error occured while trying to use Alternate Ethernet, Make sure your network connections are correct". I can set the TC/IP control panel to use alternate ethernet ok, and have also tried setting a static IP Address. When I select Alternate Ethernet on AppleTalk I get the error messa
  10. Hello, I've been trying to get the internal Ethernet card working on my PowerBook, It's a Farallon card that plugs directly into the motherboard. I previously had the driver for this and tested that it worked, but lost the system a while back when I wiped one of my drives. I've searched all over the internet and tried all of the drivers I've found but nothing has worked. Does anybody know where I can find the correct drivers? I have attached images of the card, and below are the drivers I've tried; Farallon EN Installer 2.2.2 PB1400 EN Installer 1.6 EtherLAN Installe
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