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  1. I've installed 7.5.3 and updated to 7.5.5 from Apple Legacy Recovery Oct 1999.iso numerous times and all went well. (not to mention various other versions between 7.1 and 7.6.1) All done through BasiliskII on macOS 10.14.6.
  2. Typically I found it immediately after posting. 1. Code > Launcher 2. Look for _TextSize 3. Change the preceding move.w value In Resorcerer!
  3. Where would I look for the size of this text? Is it likely to be done in code or am I missing somewhere in the resources? I'm more familiar with ResEdit but can use Resorcerer if needed. I want to increase the text size from ~9pt to something like 20pt so I can make a list of thumb-sized buttons.
  4. Going to try Resorcerer for the next one! There's one submenu icon that is reused and now slightly out of alignment but not big deal. I guess they referenced the wrong one. Basically, they use the sub-icon in the main toolbar and the correct icon for the toolbar is unused. I think! Not quite sure how to do about fixing that? I was surprised that the toolbar coped with these new sizes. Respect to the original developers for building things without hardcoding!
  5. I just finished increasing the size of toolbar icons in Deneba artWorks from 24x16 to 24x24. This is to make them easier to tap with my thumb when running System 7 on iPad. This was easily done by finding the dialog that contains these icons, and resizing the canvas of each related PICT. A dozen or so trips back and forth between ResEdit and Photoshop 2.5.1 and I was done. I love this takable nature of early Mac systems. Palm OS is equally hackable.
  6. Samsung S-Pen with Eraser works, eraser and all. Pretty good replacement/alternative. This was damaged stock and came boxed but without any replacement nibs. That's it from me. I don't plan to buy any others.
  7. I saw (with the DiskTimer source code) that the HyperDrive cache should be disabled for these tests. Was it?
  8. For those of us who already have a 5.2 with the unpopulated space, will we be able to solder on our own SPI Flash chip?
  9. Phenomenal work! Excited to see where this ends up, as it's come so far already!
  10. Brilliant! The more the merrier. The product code on the box (UP-) implies that is an "UltraPen".
  11. @landoGriffin what are the dimensions of the pen you bought? I have a Samsung Galaxy Note "S-Pen with Eraser" on its way to me, which is apparently more like the size of the original Wacom pen. Plus it is round, unlike the two S-Pens in my photo above. It's difficult to find dimensions of any of these pens.
  12. Whilst researching the Wacom ArtPad II for my Macintosh Classic, I stumbled across some information that the Samsung Galaxy Note S-pen is compatible with the pen used on the Wacom ArtPad and other tablets from that period. I love that the same technology is being used almost 30 years on. So after buying a Wacom ArtPad II, which came with an original pen, out of curiousity I bought two different types of S-pen to confirm the information I had read. The smaller S-Pen (here white, about the size of a Nintendo DS stylus) cost £2. However the one I received wa
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