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  1. ------------------ You must have the keyboard connected for the computer to work (don't turn it on without keyboard plugged in). Just unscrew the keyboard and take it out of the frame. When you pull out the chip (and don't have good tools for it) just use a flat-head and very SLOWLLY rotate the flat-head at the base of the chip so it pushes up on each side of the chip until you can pull it out without bending pins. ------------------ Pull the A8 chip out again and clean the prongs with "isopropyl alcohol" and cue-tips. You probably have other chips not making good c
  2. Apple II+ / IIe / Stealth IIgs Power Connector Power Supply Connector Socket Power Supply Output Ratings _________ / \ +5V @ 2.50 Amps (continuous) -12V GRN | 5 6 | BLU -5V -5V @ 0.25 Amps (continuous) | | +12V @ 1.50 Amps (continuous) +5V ORN | 3 4 | YEL +12V -12V @ 0.25 Amps (continuous) | | GND BLK | 1 2 | BLK GND |_________| Make sure you measure the power going into the computer. If it had bad power, you're just going to blow out more stuf
  3. Take a look at this cable (idk if it tells you anything): https://retrofloppy.com/products/ "Apple /// Color Composite Video Adapter" Going to test out that cable and see if better color comes through. You can still get "color" via the B/W composite port on Apple /// but I think this might be using the same fake color that Apple ][ did?
  4. Did you see any of these? https://apple3.org/Documents/Technotes/TA30822.html https://apple3.org/Documents/Technotes/TA40749.html https://apple3.org/Documents/Technotes/TA48103.html Also might ask on AtariAge forums as well. I wonder if anyone has figured out how to make Apple II to Apple III joystick converters as well. https://atariage.com/forums/forum/158-apple-ii-computers/
  5. Finished my Internal to External converter complete with two-way switch just like IIc had. I can now boot from external port with FloppyEmu or flip a switch and boot from internal. Here is the switch that changes from internal to external drives. Or I can disconnect converter box and just use system like normal by connecting these two wires (drive enable leads). Also added cooling fan as I read these computers had overheating issues. Also added heatsinks on chips that got super hot on the motherboard.
  6. Interesting but the solution I've adapted from FloppyEmu IIc converter is much simpler and works at the hardware level.
  7. Made it so I can boot from external floppy port. Getting parts to finish it with a switch etc but it works great. Same concept as the FloppyEmu IIc adapter that swaps the drive-enable lines.
  8. So found out the adapter works fine in Apple IIe but not Apple II+
  9. Because Apple II controllers are super expensive and Atari controllers are made new to this day for super cheap.
  10. So I just got one of these: https://console5.com/store/byteboosters-sega-atari-snes-joystick-adapter-to-apple-ii-e-c-c-iigs.html I've tested with two different Atari Joysticks with Mario Bros on Apple II+ and the jump button is always pressed (DPad / Joystick works fine). Using an old Apple II joystick has no issues. Anyone else have this issue or know how to get these converters working with Atari controllers correctly?
  11. You also keep track of how many people had these go bad while using original PSU? The Apple ][+ I got had a bad PSU making a clicking sound with voltages not good. Now that I replaced it with a custom PICO based one my guess is there will be less issues down the line. I have original PSUs for Apple IIe & III and if the there are parts on the legacy PSUs that are the root of the problem I wan't to replace those at some point. All these PSUs have a mechanical part that makes some noise that to me feels like could be a possible longer term issue for these computers.
  12. Besides the bad ram the bad logic chip was: SN74LS153 to the right of the last upper row of ram as you can see in the picture.
  13. You're right I had 3 bad ram chips. Guess I tested wrong last time. Now its 100% stable and working! Ran it for an hour with no issues. I also added some heat-sinks on chips that got hot. Hopefully it keeps them from overheating and lasting longer. Also modified my FloppyEmu cable so I can easily attach "DISK ][" drive cables
  14. So I'm having a problem still after adding a disk-drive interface card. It stops reading drive and spits garbage data similar to @bibilit issue he shared here. FYI: Frogger I loaded above was done via tape input. Many times loading from tapes will have the same/similar issue. What I do: * Power on computer with drive and Mario Bros disk mounted with FloppyEmu * Computer beeps * Computer beeps AGAIN but spits out junk similar to @bibilit issue he shared. * Drive stops being read and game never loads What I've tested: * Drive works perfect i
  15. So I made a cable based on this: https://www.bigmessowires.com/2017/01/25/floppy-emu-on-the-apple-iii/#comment-236297 Would be nice if someone would test this on Apple III+. It works on internal and external drives BUT sadly you can't boot from external drive on Apple III so I want to see if there is a way to make an Apple IIc like adapter for Apple III. So the "Steve Chamberlin" the FloppyEmu dev says the Apple IIc adapter re-routes the enable signal from the internal to the external disk and vice-versa. So maybe its possible to do the same thing with Apple III. I c
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