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  1. Plated for sure, bare metal transforms itself to rust at the speed of light.
  2. Ahhhh thanks for the photos. Anyway, the galvanic treatments company I found here in my city has some "kits" to easily check what was the original plating or every metal part inside the Se/30, I will share the results with you all for sure.
  3. Ciao to all! I'm currently restoring my SE/30 and I'm very interested about the maceffects clear case. I have a problem : the mac is working perfectly but the metal parts (chassis, floppy frame) are a little bit corroded/rusty on some spots. I think it's better to have them in a perfect shape, especially if using a trasparent case. Does anyone knows what are the original metal coatings used for the various parts? Thanks in advance, Alex
  4. I'm usually on ebay and Facebook marketplace; I also look on local italian marketplaces which are, for me, the best way to fond good things at good prices).
  5. You always have to keep in mind that, for "normal people", a not working computer must go to a technician to be repaired. I don't know how are the prices in your countries, here in Italy a pro can ask you just 50-100 euros just to do a repair quote. My advice : just leave it, no one will buy it in that condition for that price. Have a look around on ebay or other marketplaces and you will find one in good shape and better price for sure.
  6. Recently bought 2 SE/30 here in Italy, completely unknown conditions inside but good cosmetics for about 180 euros both. Remember that if the flyback transformer is gone, you have to run to find one or wait a lot, they are pretty rare. Yours looking good for sure but 300 Euros is too much; 100 is the right price.
  7. Planning to use it on more platforms but thanks for the hint!
  8. You are right. On another side, i'm more interested about using a real ssd, just because I had bad experiences with SD cards.
  9. Every electrolityc capacitor will leak, due to quality or defects in the original design. I have two oscilloscopes from the nineties by Tektronix, who are famous for the quality (and the prices) of their products....they are a caps leaks party. The rule is : if the machine has more than 15 years, just check and eventually change them.
  10. Thanks for your kind reply, I'm really interested about using an SSD on a USB3 port because speed, has anyone tried this solution here?
  11. Hi all! I'm Alex and I'm currently restoring various macs (two se/30 and a IIx, after these I'll probably buy a IIfx). I'm really interested building a RaSCSI device, so...question for you: I have here a raspberry 4 with usb 3 ports, some ssd spare drives and a usb3 to sata adapter. Can I use them with RaSCSI ?
  12. I think I found the sister of your board....
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