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  1. Hi it is still in my cupboard. Apparently a Lisa 2 because it has the smaller floppy disk drive. It has Macworks software installed so emulates a Mac plus. Mould on pcbs so needs a good clean and circuit test before switching on.
  2. Hello Thank you everyone for taking the time and effort to give an opinion on the condition of my Lisa2. I am in the UK, do you know of anyone locally who could sort this out for me? I will trawl your forum posts too. Thank you once again
  3. Hi Lisa2 i've just taken a load of photographs and will send them individually just in case there is a limit on file sizes on this forum
  4. Hi I've now unboxed the Lisa after more than 30 years in the garage. From memory it ran as a Lisa Then in about 1985 Mac works software Was installed to allow it to emulate a Macintosh. See attached photos. Do I switch it on?
  5. Hello sorry if I misposted in the wrong place. I will take photos tomorrow and post them here wherever here is.
  6. Hi I have a lisa1. It has not been used since 1987. I am looking for advice on how to start it working and the best way to sell it. From memory it was upgraded to an x(l???) by the addition of an emulator. I read that there are less than 100 in the world.
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