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  1. I went ahead and made a cable to lower the fan speed, using a "Low-Noise Adapter NA-RC10" cable that came with some Noctua fans I'd gotten - it has a 51 ohm resistor. It's now MUCH more quiet, but still does a good job of cooling.
  2. Totally agree about modifying the case to fit the fan better. I think it'd fit without doing anything, but it would be very tight due to those 2 bits sticking down (where the 2 arrows are pointing) and I was worried about that whole "bottom housing assembly" clicking back in as we all know the plastics on these are brittle. I went back and forth on what to do for a couple days, but in the end I decided to make small modifications that really don't affect the way it looks or it's general stability. The other bit I cut out was to point the fan in a better angle. So yes in the end, t
  3. Update! I finally got the fan I ordered (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000510SS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) and had time to install it. To fit the fan in under the HDD area, I needed to trim off a small amount of part of the latching mechanism (the double red arrows) and I trimmed off a section near the front so I could position the fan better. I then stabilized the fan with a bit of Gorilla Glue double sided sticky tape that has a bit of thickness to it, but compresses pretty well, in hopes this'd help wit
  4. Excellent, thanks for info and photos! It seems if you swap that cap for a tantalum (which will be needed, at least eventually anyway) it'd fit. But otherwise, you were able to clamp it down?
  5. Oh yes, agreed the standard heat sink on the 601 is terrible. If/when I pull this board out, I'll measure and post here. Will need to find some better heat sink that'll fit both horizontally and vertically (not hitting the DOS card).
  6. Hello from the future! How loud is (was) this? I know those fans can be loud. I have a 6100/66 I recently acquired with the DOS card. The way it's (badly) designed, the 486 CPU on the DOS card sits *right* above the 601 processor and they both get cooking hot when run - way too hot IMO. So I've been looking into putting a fan in front of it.
  7. Thanks all - I just ended up setting it up with 4 separate SCSI devices, 2GB each. It works ok, though I needed to initialize them with Drive Setup instead of Apple HD SC Setup since the latter was taking WAY too long to verify after initialization.
  8. Hello! I've had pretty good results with setting up and using SCSI2SD on various 68040 based systems (eg: Performa 578, Quadra 650) where I've configured SCSI2SD using a 8GB SD card with 4x 2GB HFS partitions. With that setup, I'm able to install/boot/use various OS versions (7.1, 7.5.5, 8.1) ok. However when using a 68030 based system (eg: Color Classic, SE/30), I believe there's some limitation of 2GB total for the drive size, not just the partition - for example, when I try to use that same 8GB SD card with with 4x 2GB HFS partitions, it won't recognize it or boot o
  9. Fixed it, turns out pins 3 and 8 on UD8 weren't making contact with their pads. I was able to re-solder pin 8 easy enough (it's ground) but no matter what I tried, pin 3 and it's pad wouldn't take the solder... I ended up using a small bodge wire to connect them. Pin 3 connects over to the video ROM. Here's a photo of the ugly bodge wire and working display:
  10. Hello! I obtained a Macintosh SE/30 that was mostly working - it'd sometimes take a few tries to boot (completely corrupt screen or no video) and then when it would boot, no sound. So I replaced all the caps on the motherboard and gave it a good manual (careful) cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. I re-installed the motherboard it now boots reliably, sound is working, and has good voltages. However it has horizontal corruption as you can see in the attached photos. The system works ok otherwise. It looks as if there's horizontal white bars drawn across the scr
  11. Hello! I rescued a Macintosh Classic II from recycling but unfortunately someone removed the ROMs for some reason (left the RAM in place though). This is the older rev board with the 4 ROM chips. I have another Macintosh Classic II (also has the 4 ROM chips) that does have the ROMs and while I've been recapping/restoring both systems I've been moving the one set of ROMs between the two boards. From what I've been able to find so far looking around, it doesn't seem like there's an obvious way to replace these, other than of course sourcing chips from another
  12. I have a Performa 640 DOS Compatible and have been searching for usable VGA drivers for Windows 3.1 - these drivers work for it as well, so far at least. Thanks!!
  13. Hello! Does anyone have a cap list for Macintosh Color Classic Macintosh Classic II (I believe there's 2 board revs, not sure which I have) Ideally with the exact part #s to order from say Mouser or DigiKey? I've been told I need: Macintosh Color Classic 6 - 47µF - 16V - SMT 2 - 100µF - 6.3V - SMT 1 - 10µF - 16V - SMT Macintosh Classic II 8 - 10µF - 16V - SMT 3 - 47µF - 16V - SMT 2 - 1µF - 50V - SMT I really cannot figure out which on their sites I need to buy Thanks so m
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