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  1. Hey y'all, so i got a H1000 a while back which didn't work and which was also missing the AAA battery holder. I kept it in storage for a while with plans to recap it since that was what most people online said was the issue. Well, I just recapped it last night and i lost the power adapter that i used before (i think i had one) so i wanna find a way to get the battery holder but i haven't found any for sale or anything like that. I was wondering if there would be any way to get me hands on one or maybe even 3d print one?
  2. This would be so useful ngl. Glad to see that theres work being done on something like this. Now if i only knew how to solder properly.
  3. I'm not that good with soldering. I tried it once and fricked up my tip. I don't know what I did wrong but I don't want to destroy it even more. I would like to learn what/how to iron but most of the videos I found online I frankly found confusing. Wouldn't that be putting it in the oven? I've seen that before Actually I got them off. It took a long time with a wrench but I got them off its back on now but I made sure I can unscrew it if I need to (needs a ram upgrade)
  4. I got a iMac 20" that doesn't want to turn on. When I press the power button, nothing happens, no light no sound, no display, nothing. There is however a kinda beeping noise from what I think is the power supply when I put my ear close to the fan holes. I got it from the guy who said it also didn't power on for him. I tried the hairdryer method, nothing. It seems last night that if I pressed the button a couple of times, then it'll boot. Now that I'm trying it, it doesn't want to seem to power on. I striped the base screws to the ram (because of a crappy screwdriver bit) so try to keep teardow
  5. I think it is his. The pictures of the inside look the same from haps original post about it. I even saw this on Macrumors!
  6. Yeah, It seems he just disappeared one day. Hope he's doing ok.
  7. Holy cr*p! dang. Thats a really good find.
  8. I got a ether dock that is broken. I'm pretty sure it hadn't been used in years before I got it. I tried to use it once with the floppy drive, but it gave an error and some popping sounds. It might've been the duo I was using because I tried the floppy drive with another computer and it worked alright. But anyways, I'm pretty sure the ether dock just needs a recap. It smelled like fish every time after I used it, which I've heard could be a sign of dead caps but idk. PS: does anyone know if the external floppy drive for those duo units uses ZIF in the drive? I got a cheap zif to c
  9. I googled the name and it turns out it's a company that seems to make stuff for woodturners. It seems the guy who runs it is named Jon Siegel. Now, idk if thats what it was used for/by (for all I know it could've been used by a company thats been out of business since the 90s) but thats what I think
  10. Nah, unless you have an extra scsi to ethernet adapter that works.
  11. FART now the adapters broken or something. frack Dayna
  12. I've done the correct process to install it (I think) I've read the instruction manual, but it still hasn't worked. The part where I seem to be encountering an error is when the manual says to set the zone to Daynaport or whatever, but when I go to change it, there are no zones. I know the ethernet works. The installation seems to work. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong.
  13. I got it in box, so it came with drivers
  14. Oh, are you guys talking about farraon ethernet adapters? I need help with mine, the drivers or something doesn't work I got a dayna pocket scsi/link. Any help?
  15. How did you make the disk? I tried to use burnISO but it says it's the wrong type of file or something.
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