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  1. Midnight here in Amsterdam, I will shoot some pictures over the weekend of the cards and share them!
  2. Hi Unkown_K, Sorry for missing you out on data. The FWB JackHammer is a tale on itself as it misses all three SIP-terminators. After some research I believe they need an impedance of 110 Ω. Finding the is a quest on itself. The other SCSI-card that came with the IIfx is an equally useless MicroNet Raven Pro II dual bus fast/wide SCSI. A card that is not compatible with Apple's SCSI manager 4.3 and although also bootable and allowing partitions up to 4 Gb on HFS-partitions, disk maintenance software is doubtful to be reliable as - to my knowledge - little is known about this card, c
  3. For now my best bet seems to be finding an second USB ZIP-drive in order to transfer software to the IIfx or better: a friendlier machine like a NuBus Quadra or PPC... Enabling me to use external devices... This also means that the whole reason to acquire the IIfx is senseless, hoping to sign up a freelance job to retrieve old documents for a book publisher. I even doubt whether I will ever fetch € 300 for it as it has only 32 Mb RAM and a mere 500 Mb HD (including the FWB JackHammer, Radius Rocket 33 with just 64 Mb, the SuperMac Thunder II 1152, DigiDesign SampleCell II and an useless SMC
  4. Thanks guys! No luck yet in solving my SCSI-issues. Although I can access my Zip-drive, I still have trouble with all other devices. Looking and finding a SCSI-filter seems to be impossible. So right now, it is like an isolated island...
  5. Hi all, Does anyone happen to have driver software for a SMC NuBus 10/100 Ethernet card? The driver software is called 'EtherPower 10/100' I believe. The controller is a 'FEAST' chip. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Jeroen
  6. Hi ArmourAlley, Food for thought: you never used a SCSI filter on your internal 500 Mb HD... Well, my IIfx came with a massive 40 Mb Apple HD (5 1/4"), and didn't had a SCSI filter either! Either way it crashed after a couple hours of use, made a scraping metal on metal noise, terrible! I had an old 1994 500 Mb Apple certified HD spare, it was just plug and play!!! So for now I'll use it as it is, with a working ZIP-drive. After the weekend I'll receive a brand new old stock CD-RW from Other World Computing and see if I get it to work, as my IIfx is still an island.
  7. Hi ArmorAlley, Thanks for posting the article. I've actually read the article. That way I knew your terminator is probably the 'black terminator', although the 'A' version is not mentioned specifically. At this stage I've tried what I could possibly try. Searching for a SCSI filter that seems to be mandatory yielded no usable results. So still a little stuck and awaiting parts. At least external drives (the Sony MO drive) is recognized and reading and writing to the ioMega ZIP works, so I assume the IIfx's SCSI-bus is not damaged... I've never owned a IIfx but taming it
  8. Borrowed from Sean, fellow 68k member: His Apple 'black' terminator, model 590-705-A !!! Awesome, and I think it solved problems to a certain extent. Although the terminator is black and from Apple, I was a little surprised: it's some sort of pass-through terminator... Earlier in this thread, 4 Apple Terminator are mentioned: 590-0304 (original terminator) 590-0695-A (replaces 590-0304, new PLATINUM terminator) 590-0695-B 590-0705 Although the 590-0705-A isn't mentioned specifically, where the 590-0705 is, I wonder if that A would stand for a pass-throug
  9. What a nice post! It is amazing when you look at those prices how expensive our vintage gear once was. And explains why its hard to find hardware today as it was for the rich happy few back then... Converting this invoice into today's money? Probably it will scare the hell out of you! Actually, this is funny that you mention it! Looking for information, drivers, advise etc. for my just acquired IIfx, I found this old 1992 ad from SuperMac. Same story I guess when you apply correction for inflation. I for instance never realized the prices one had to pay for a top of the line 24 bit
  10. Hi Armor Alley, Thanks for this extensive e-mail. It could't be more clear! Tomorrow I'll transfer € 3,70 to you (little more than 3,70 CHF). Also of great help: the link to the JackHammer manual and software. Although I have some software myself, I won't bother using it as you have a IIfx as well and it worked for you so I'll go with the links you've provided, thanks! And by the way, I totally agree with your basic approach. It makes thing easier to oversee and from there, I'll add functionality. So no sorry mate, it's good thinking! I have plenty of SCSI c
  11. Hi Armour Alley, Wow, that would be awesome!!! Sorry to hear that the internal SCSI died on your IIfx... Hope you can still use your machine by using a NuBus SCSI-card... Do you have one? I suppose that sending it in an envelop (weight is very low) by air will work? Let me know what shipping costs will be and I could pay you by PalPal if that works for you. Can I send my address to you by email? Although I am very happy to borrow the terminator, it does't mean I stop diving into finding a solution. Because I need to send back the terminator eventually. But
  12. Hi Nglevin & Trash 80, That's a swift reaction! Apology for my lack of technical knowledge: Trash 80: Building your own shouldn't be difficult, especially if any one of your older SCSI devices has provision for SIP resistor packs. That should be as simple as soldering some olde schoole color coded resistor leads together and poking them in the convenient holes. Of the NuBus cards that came with the IIfx, one is a FWB JackHammer, which has 3 (empty) sockets for terminators. Are those intended for SIP resistor packs? Another NuBus SCSI card from 1994 Micro
  13. Hi fellow Apple users! I recently acquired a Macintosh IIfx for a project to acces and retrieve 1988-1994 data from ad agencies. Anyway, the IIfx came without it's mandatory SCSI filter (internal) and 'black' terminator. I need to hook up 2 magnetic optical drives, a DDS tape unit, hard disk and SyQuest drive. So far, the IIfx gives nothing but read/write errors. That is, oddly enough. apart from a 1994 Apple certified 500 Mb internal HD (thus, without the filter)... Is there anyone who might have a spare filter and terminator for sale or useful advice on th
  14. Hi, Last week I (Dutchman, Amsterdam) bought a Macintosh IIfx from an German auction site. It came with a 'modern' ethernet card: 10/100 Mbit and RJ-45 connector, along with some other cards. Unfortunately, I don't have a clue where to get drivers. Asanté drivers won't work, has anyone got a clue where to obtain those? Due to the Radius Rocket 33, I hope these drivers will support System 7.1. Below some detailed photo's of the card and 2 with the card inside the Mac. The ethernet card is the 3rd from the left... Would it matter which slot it resides in? At first, I was
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