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  1. While it works with some, it doesn't work with the majority. I've witnessed it myself. You cannot go wrong with the fixed res shadow mask apple displays on the LC II.
  2. If you saw 7100s in 1992, I can only imagine how surreal 1994 and 1995 were for you.
  3. 2 Days ago I received a sweet SE/30. She sports a 230MB HD, 20MB RAM, PDS Ethernet Card, the original apple keyboard and adb mouse that shipped with the SE series, and no case yellowing. This one was really a steal at the price. The only drawback is a bit of screen burn-in. If I can find a good source for replacements other than another SE/30, I'll probably swap it out. I just need to find out how to use her so she may be properly liberated, rather than being a museum piece. These things are pretty quick!
  4. I think the Quadra/Centris 660av looks great in its pizza box. I recall almost trading a Power Macintosh 6100/60 for a Centris 660av in 1996 for the advanced features the 660av has. It's really an incredible Macintosh, even when stacked against the first generation Power Macintosh computers. I got a 610 about 3 weeks ago. You have to love the auto-inject floppy opening on that case. It's a must for any collection.
  5. Try turning it on, then immediately recycling the power by turning it off and on again. This usually will kickstart a Quadra 610/660av with a dead clock battery.
  6. I agree in principle. I was just wondering if it would have been worthwhile to use the 7300 case to prevent yellowing of the 8600, since it's basically my #2. Those bulky, tall 86/9600 towers are imposing and attractive, I must admit. There was a ton of outstanding software on the 7300 HD. Mathematica, Microsoft Office 98 (now if I could just locate a copy that would run on my classics), Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop 6. Apparently, it was originally owned by Columbia University, which is a strange coincidence as I attended the same. Hopefully the person who received the system got y
  7. I was walking home from dinner yesterday evening when I happened upon the 7300. No yellowing... what strange luck I have lately. It still had the 2GB SCSI HD, 12x CD-ROM and SuperDrive within it. I'm thinking of putting my 8600/200 board in the 7300 case so that the 8600 case is preserved. What do you think?
  8. Thanks! I think you mentioned you've been using your 6500 more lately, right? I have actually wanted a 6500 since 1997. Like the 8/9600, I couldn't afford it back then and was stuck on a 6100/60 and 8100/80. Now I have both (too bad I was 10 years late...) The sad part is, she was blazing fast when she came out. Now everyone talks about how limited the entire 5/6xxx line was.
  9. That's disappointing, but it does ring a bell about the G3 being the first EIDE Mac.
  10. I managed to liberate a sweet Power Macintosh 6500/250 yesterday. I also received the Multiscan 15AV monitor and Color StyleWriter 4100 that often accompanied it in educational purchases for free. It's replaced my 8600/200(G4350) as my primary vintage workstation for now. The 250 603ev is quite snappy, and I love the case design for a change. I tossed 9.2.2 on her, and she's maxed with 128 MB of RAM. 9.2.2 and Macintosh Manager (to my MMgr and AppleShare IP server) work flawlessly. The monitor is also perfect. No yellowing on either. The 4100 is localtalk-compatible, so she's ano
  11. When I was ready to restore the LC back to the 631, I got in a hurry and bent the pins. Some of the pins may bend at the middle of the pin, rather than at the point where it meets the processor package. If this happens, it's hard to straighten them out. Butter knife, again: multiple bent pins can be straightened by inserting an object - substantially as wide as the gap - between rows of pins, then twisting that object along its long axis, using the base of the adjacent row of pins as the fulcrum. This trick works vertically, horizontally, and diagonally on the face of the pin-side of t
  12. Two of them... that was the "platinum" model. No, actually there was a platinum model without the keypad. http://img475.imageshack.us/img475/7668/img45218ny.jpg A bit daft, are we? If that is platinum, then I'm Nelson Rockefeller. The platinum IIe is actually one of my favorite Apple systems. I currently have 1 IIGS Rom 3 with a 5.25" and 3.5" diskette drives. I'm always on the hunt for a pristine platinum IIe.
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