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  1. I recently picked up a Dual 2.5Ghz G5. Of course all the coolant leaked out corrosion has only affected both cpus and I cleaned them up. Board is still mint and the PSU although Dirty seems fine. I need to figure out how to rebuilt the cooling system as well, mine differs slightly from this post.
  2. That fabric on the monitor /// wasn't built onto the CRT, IT was integrated into a plastic frame that literally rests between the CRT and the front case. You can swap a monitor II CRT into a monitor /// chassis if you swap the yoke. see photo on the fabric insert.
  3. What we are seeing on the posters image may just be the part numbers for the Yoke assembly. We need to see the tube markings. If you have a Lisa yoke you can more than likely swap it to the tube. I have done this on various 12" CRT's
  4. I have installed clinton CRT's into monocrhome apple II monitors so cant tell without all the info hidden under the foam. Ask the seller to take more photos.
  5. Well as luck would have it I was on eBay just browsing when this was "recommended" to me: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-III-External-Disk-Drive-Latch-Apple-III-Computers/303811894045?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Whats weird is its on my saved searches and I wasnt notified.. of course. Good price, its mislabled external although its the elongated internal version.
  6. Well for anyone interested I looked in my A9M0106 manual and found this, so I think this speaks for itself in regards to using the A9M0106. You can see the manual says for IIGs and MAcintosh, and the pages inside tell you which mackintosh models exactly. I have no idea why the pictures are sideways, They arent this way on my computer and I cant find a way on this forum to change the orientation.
  7. Wayne, that is wild! I need to look into that as a fun project. NJroadfan, can you provide a link to that tech ref book?
  8. I buy alot of old apple equipment. In various stages of neglect. I like the repairing. And truthfully id say of all the many Apple branded ram IIgs cards I have come across, maybe only 10% had problems. Its usually the TTL logic. I think I have only seen bad ram chips twice maybe 3 times; and thats no problem as they are all socked (yes the first 256KB is soldered on but I don't think I have ever had a card with the first 256KB being faulty. I will say a MAX of 1MB in 1986 or 1987 whenever the card was made was really not forward thinking at all. Why wouldn't they have set a 2MB or
  9. Eric Any updates on your progress? I am pretty curious to see if we can get this working.
  10. See this is what bothers me. No one chiming in means there ARE NO schematics out there... It is beyond stupid and promotes a throw away culture if things aren't given a chance to be repaired. Its infuriating. I have already ran into this problem with Apple Color composite monitors.
  11. Hah! Thank you, but its not so much a matter of replacing it as a COMPULSION to fix it! I know I am so close and for all intents and purposes its "JUST A SINGLE CARD!"
  12. I am hitting my head against a wall and need some help. I have been dealing with a IIGs memory expansion board model 670-0025 for over a year and a half and enough is enough. I need help. I cant find a schematic for this board. I got the boad and it was not working, It was a bit crusty but but nothing otherwise of note. I determined to TTL logic chips failed and replaced them. But since the solder was so old and crusty desoldering was a problem and a few traces lifted and broke. I bodge wire fixed 3 bad traces but here is the problem. The card "works" but only up
  13. Seems your making progress and almost there.. Just probably missing some small detail.
  14. Wow that would be fantastic! If you figure out post back!!! Maybe download this image and try it out: https://wiki.reactivemicro.com/32_Meg_Hard_Drive_Image
  15. Where in the IIe software have you seen an option to use a Prodos hard drive partition? If this exists this is the first I have read of it. Can you please provide a photo or some proof? Having a hard drive on a iie card is a game changer as up to now everything I have understood is that it does not work. IT does not even support smartport hard drives. erichelgeson Download ADTPro 2.0.2 (version 2.0.3 is very picky about JAVA and myself and many others have not gotten it to run properly), 2.0.2 runs flawlessly.
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