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  1. I have a question about CP/M usage and boot floppies on the Apple II using a microsoft softcard. I remember on other CP/M based systems there were commands to transfer the CP/M boot sector to any disk and make it bootable. I am unfamiliar with doing this on an APPLE II running CP/M. Can someone help me with this?
  2. I wasnt talking about that per se. That would be a waste of your time. You can continuity check the data lines (0 to 31 ithink) using the schematic link i posted. I doubt there are breaks at the socket anyway. Just check them at various chips where they connect via continuity check. Do you have a meter that spunds a tone when on continuity mode?
  3. Hah! I had the exact same problem on a IIx board yesterday! I recapped the board and fixed two bad traces and no matter what the sense pin would not get the 5+ volts when the power button was pushed. It would start and boot fine when jumpstarting the psu. Anyway i saw one trave in particular that ran the length of the board that looked dark and foul. I did a continuity check on it and it was so badly corroded( strange thing is the traces next to it were fine) i found over 12 breaks in the trace making it so hard to follow. It running under all the simm slots was a pain as well but after a coup
  4. sometimes the traces can look fine and be broken. I really need to buy some magnification goggles. I had one on my MAC II board that looked fine but as a micro hairline break in it. So continuity check on everything. I also noticed the MAC is really picky on RAM and I found two bad simms that way as well. Either way doing a continuity check on the data lines wont hurt, its just really really tedious.
  5. If its anything like my MAC II board you have a broken trace (data lines) from one of the 4 rom chips. Once I repaired those I got the full boot chime or crash sound. schematics may help you too: https://ia801007.us.archive.org/0/items/Macintosh68kSchematics/Macintosh68kSchematics.tar.bz2
  6. So I have a Macintosh II board 338J from 1988. I received it with damaged traces and it was dead. I have fixed some bad traces and now I get the startup chime but that is it. It stop somewhere in the process before loading the floppy drive. No video ever even with known good cards. I have been using these schematics to go over the traces but I really need a new set of eyes on this as I am beyond frustrated. https://ia801007.us.archive.org/0/items/Macintosh68kSchematics/Macintosh68kSchematics.tar.bz2 I have recapped the board. I have verified the data lines from al
  7. Really? This is my first Apple 5.25" head that is bad.. I have fixed.. SOO SOO Many, never had a bad head (except for maybe the 3.5" drives". Now commodore drives, I have run into some bad heads on 5.25" drives. The only reason this one is bad is mice at the WHOLE length of cable and the connectors. and some plastics..
  8. Has the Apple II aspect of this Forum Gone cold?
  9. I was working on a short stack of Apple DISK II floppy Drives I marked as bad yesterday when I came across one that needs a new read/write head module (rides on the rails and has a wire connector lead to it. This one got eaten by mice but the chassis and boards are good I want to get it working again, its an early model with rainbow ribbon cable. So if anyone has a read head from a Disk II they are willing to sell please send me a message. Thanks! Mick
  10. Eric curious how this all turned out in the end. Any updates or final thoughts?
  11. I recently picked up a Dual 2.5Ghz G5. Of course all the coolant leaked out corrosion has only affected both cpus and I cleaned them up. Board is still mint and the PSU although Dirty seems fine. I need to figure out how to rebuilt the cooling system as well, mine differs slightly from this post.
  12. That fabric on the monitor /// wasn't built onto the CRT, IT was integrated into a plastic frame that literally rests between the CRT and the front case. You can swap a monitor II CRT into a monitor /// chassis if you swap the yoke. see photo on the fabric insert.
  13. What we are seeing on the posters image may just be the part numbers for the Yoke assembly. We need to see the tube markings. If you have a Lisa yoke you can more than likely swap it to the tube. I have done this on various 12" CRT's
  14. I have installed clinton CRT's into monocrhome apple II monitors so cant tell without all the info hidden under the foam. Ask the seller to take more photos.
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