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  1. Yes, there are 8 PSRAM modules available on the Cousin card, same used on PSRAM card. If you can collect and solder them... the best thing to do is to find a PSRAM card not fully populated or ask to @siliconinsider for a new board without modules
  2. PSRAM card for the 165 and the 165c uses the same connector (female on the PSRAM card). Only the shape of the PSRAM card is different (there is less space on the 165c, same on the 180c, due to the Cousin card). 165 : 165c : an other for 165c : I think the memory you bought is actually the 165c Cousin card, on which there are 8 PSRAM (4MB base in the 165c/180c) and the 2 Apple ROMs. This card only works in the 165c and 180c. The conn
  3. Very impressive If you make some for PowerBook 100, I am ready to order The other models in my collection are already at their maximum. If you need more info on the 100 series models, I have them all and working.
  4. Yes, you need a small PSRAM for the PowerBook 100. See the photo (with 2MB in place) :
  5. Some PSRAM partially populated : 4MB for 160/165/180 (10MB if fully populated) : another : For 165c, 180c, PSRAM card size is different due to Cousin card. 6MB (10MB if fully populated) : Another for PB140-170-145, with only 2MB and 6MB (fully populated) on one side : The more difficult to find is 6MB card for PowerBook 100. A small card because no place... I found only some with 4MB. 6MB card for PB100 (from Apple Service Module doc), not fully populated :
  6. Due to the limitation of SE board (68000), you cannot use 20mb of RAM, only RAM installed on the Mobius 68030 board can be used (16mb max). To optimize SIMMs installed, the Mobius driver allow you to use SIMMs installed on the SE board (4mb max) as a RAM disk, it's better than nothing I tried some other versions (7.1 US, 7.1 FR, 7.0.1 FR) without success... That is due to the way of Mobius driver patches the system... made for 6.0.5 to 7.0.1 version (US) only, from the time the card was sold.
  7. Hello, I have the same, but 25Mhz version, not 33Mhz. But the position of the jumper is the same : RAM : Jumper to 0M = No RAM on the Mobius board. Jumper to 4/8/16M = four SIMMs on the Mobius board (four 1MB or 2MB or 4MB SIMM). By the way, if you have 70ns SIMMs, you can remove W12 shunt to run the board at 1 wait state. FPU : Jumper to 25M if a FPU is installed. The Mobius board run very well with System 7.0.1, Mobius Driver (v4.99), Compact Virtual 3.0 and 16MB on the Mobius board (4MB on the SE board are used as RAM disk).
  8. To do the test, I used a stock SE/30, with 8MB (8x1) RAM (without PDS card), with an internal Quantum LPS525S (500Mo) drive and System 7.5.3 Fr
  9. I can do that, but the MiniScribe is not very fast , more than HD20 due to SCSI, but very low compare to next SCSI HD. To show you, I run Speedometer 3.23 on a SE/30, with the external 20SC, and the internal Quantum LPS525S (500Mo). HD 20SC Miniscribe : Internal LPS525S :
  10. Yes. If you need more pictures, don't hesitate It run very well, faster than the HD20 (Rodime) on my Plus (128k upgraded)
  11. my HD20SC with a Miniscribe : it run very well. I have also a 40SC with 5"1/4 Quantum Q250. Sound : Miniscribe.mp3
  12. 520c run with 7.5, which is HFS only, and, as all 68k, even if you run 8.1 to use HFS+, it cannot boot on HFS+ volume, only PPC can. 540c run well, but no battery inside (all dead), and PRAM battery is empty. And I need to wait a couple of minute after to plug power supply to be able to start it. With the PPC upgrade, It run 8.1 from his internal SCSI HD 800MB HFS+. Unfortunately, my PCMCIA module rev B cannot run with the PPC upgrade, only rev C can. Processor upgrade from Apple (made by NewerTech.):
  13. I already tried the PCMCIA module (revB) to use CF card to boot on my PB520c, that run well The CF card appears in the Finder (I was able to format the card). I put a copy of the system folder from the hard drive and was able to boot from the CF card: I also tried to do that in my PB540c with a PowerPC upgrade, from Apple (in fact a Newer Technology processor card with a PPC603ev/133MHz), but the PCMCIA module don't work in this case, only rev C can, not the rev B
  14. No worries with internet for my use, connected only for the automatic update of the TV guide. I use a small USB DVB-T tuner connected to an antenna (for digital terrestrial HDTV). With the little Apple remote, I do not even have to leave EyeTV. I do not even use the OSX interface, I put it to sleep with the remote control, ditto to wake it up, like a TV. I like the look with the nice white polycarbonate enclosure, the very easy to use small white Apple remote control (magnetic and placed on the side of the iMac when it is off ;-), the very good display 24" full HD (1080p), the TV g
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