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    Collection: Apple ][, Macintosh 128, Macintosh 512, Lisa 2/10
  1. This is a great start. I can do the soldering but my EE skills are basic. I will keep track and post a list of what I end up with.
  2. Thanks for this. Does anyone have a list of the caps?
  3. Hello, I have a MacXL 2/10 and everything is working pretty well (including the widget hard drive). The only issue I seem to really have is the screen. The image is smaller than the displayable space on the CRT (and it is dim - see pictures). In reading the SunRem guide (ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/.../applelisa/Lisa_Do-It-Yourself_Guide.pdf) for the MacXL upgrade it seems that maybe the image is supposed to be smaller than the screen ("final raster of 8.44 inches in width and 5.99 inches in height). As far as I can tell, the system does not have the upgrade transformer
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