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  1. I have attached photos of the board below. It looks in reasonably good shape to me. I live in Edinburgh, UK. If someone could help me to recap the board I would appreciate it. Next year I will get a regular Mac SE and a Mac Classic II, and I might practice on those.
  2. I am a beginner at repairs to these machines, so please bear with me. I recently was given a poorly-maintained SE/30. On turning it on, all I get is zebra stripes on the screen and it's clearly not booting at all. Upon opening it up and looking at the LB, I see that the PRAM battery has been leaking. I took the battery out and cleaned the area with isopropyl alcohol. The battery holder is still in place, soldered to the board. There is some dried battery fluid on the holder but none visible on the board. Tried turning it on again, absolutely no change. I can't see any corrosion on the traces,
  3. In addition to a Mac SE I recently got a Mac Classic II (rev A, with the 4 rom chips). This one apparently used to work, but now when I power it on, the fan turns on but the CRT does not come on at all, and no startup bong is audible. Any ideas where I should start? I assume I should re-cap the logic board? Taking a look at the surface-mounted caps on the board, it does appear than one cap (C6) might be leaking a bit (there's a tiny bit of green residue around it), but the others seem OK. I'm a bit hesitant to start removing caps as I've never even soldered anything before. How should I start?
  4. Hi, I've recently purchased a Mac SE. I thought I would have to recap the logic board (I've never recapped anything before so was somewhat scared of that), but it looks to me as though the board might already be recapped. As you can see in the attached photo, all the caps are these new-looking blue ones (they look newer than the board), and they don't appear to be leaking at all. The system boots off the old Quantum HD I installed in it, and for the most part works OK, except that no sound comes from the speaker. If I plug some speakers into the jack at the back, the sound works.
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