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  1. I know this reply is late because I didn't the have time to do this. I skipped the RAM and voltage test and checked the solder joints on J4 and some were cracked. I re-soldered them, it didn't help, but upon seeing the checkerboard I heard screech, second time I powered on the mac there was no sound.
  2. I don't know how to do it, also I don't have the equipment...
  3. Today I powered on my Mac Plus and I heard really weak start up beep and there was this weird pattern on screen for a few seconds, then the missing disk screen showed up and it booted into a system as usual, except there was no sound. Second time I powered on the Mac there was no sound (not even quiet beep), also there wasn't any audio output from the audio jack on the back.
  4. Thank you very much! I just washed the logic board with alcohol and put it into mac and mac turned on.
  5. I bought the color classic, previous owner said that it's working but when I connected everything and pressed the soft power button on ADB keyboard, nothing happened (the switch on back was turned on). I found on the internet that I should let it attached to the power for a day, it didn't help. I pulled out the logic board and turned the switch at the back on and I heard fan and hard drive spinning. Any ideas how to fix it?
  6. One more thing, how do i disconnect anode cap? (I already discharged crt), problem is that when i try to pull it out of the crt my fingers just slide off...
  7. Hi everyone, I have Macintosh Plus, the screen disappears after some time and I usually just slap the side but now it doesn't work the screen Is completely blank (yes I turned the brightness to maximum amount alas nothing changes). Does somebody know how to fix it or what causes it?
  8. nevermind i fixed it, i chose "System software for Macintosh Plus" in installer and it works.
  9. Hi, I bought Macintosh Plus (with 2.5Mb of ram) with CMS external SCSI hard drive, i also bought sealed and new system 6.0.8 floppy disks, i installed them on CMS external hard drive; when i open scrapbook or control panel or file manager, co-processor not installed error pops up, it keeps happening every time i open scrapbook or control panel or file manager. Please help me.
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