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  1. I have an Output Enablers socket in my Quadra 700 that allows me to swap out clock oscillators and I cannot get my system to boot with anything higher than a 74 Mhz oscillator which equates to a 37 Mhz speed for my CPU. I suspect the issue you are seeing is because the other hardware on the Quadra 700, beyond the CPU, cannot support 40 Mhz. As a result, it won't boot. I use a 66 Mhz oscillator (for 33 Mhz CPU) as it is the most stable and doesn't freeze up like I often get with the 74 Mhz oscillator.
  2. I tried the AsanteFAST drivers and those did not recognize the DaynaFast nubus card. I have an AsanteFAST card as well and that was recognized by the drivers. I can't see the chip on the Asante card as it has a heatsink attached.
  3. The now-defunct Intel site lists the following file that I assume is the driver I need (fst_en17.hqx) in the Dayna directory. I have also found reference to this file - DaynaFastEnet_1.7.sit. Links to both files I have found don't work.
  4. The card uses an SMC Feast 91C100 chip. I will look for similar drivers.
  5. I have a DaynaPORT Bluestreak 10/100 Nubus ethernet card in my Quadra 700, but I don't have the drivers. None of the classic DaynaPORT drivers are working and while all lights on the card show it is working, without the correct drivers I can't assign an IP address to the card. Does anyone have a copy of these drivers?
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