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  1. Is there a design of case for the 5.1 version which has the full size SD slot?
  2. Back to my question about cables - is a 'fully wired' DB25 male to DB25 male cable suitable for both parallel and SCSI? There seems to be lots advertised as parallel cables, but some say also suitable for Zip drives.
  3. So as far as I recall, the following should work 1). Download the latest version of scsi2sd-util and if necessary the latest firmware (mine already had 4.8.0 on it) 2) Plug into my modern Mac using a USB cable and insert SD card 3) Set Quirks mode to Apple, then as per the Thread "Fitting a SCSI2SD in a 68k Mac" I did these steps: Set the vendor to the string " SEAGATE" (yes, there is a single space in front of SEAGATE for a total of 8 characters) Set the product ID to the string " ST225N" (10 spaces in front for a total of 16 characters) Set the r
  4. Random question: is there a way, or if so, what is the best way to make disk images of floppy disks in System 7.0.1? Also is there a System 7 utility that can create floppy disks from disk images?
  5. So, using poor troubleshooting technique, I reduced the device size to 1GB AND changed quirks mode from None to Apple - and now it works. I don't think I'd read anywhere that you need to change the quirks mode setting - but presumably it makes sense! I've installed Leopard onto a USB memory stick so I'll now see if that can read/write to the SD card to copy software on!
  6. Thanks I'll try the smaller drive setting. From what I've read, if the drive is set to larger than 2GB it will allow you to make up to 8 2GB partitions - so at least in theory a drive size or 2GB (or more) shouldn't be a problem. But I'll try it anyway. I'm using a 4GB SD card, so I could set up 4 x 1GB drives. This link was mentioned in another thread: http://chrislawson.net/writing/macdaniel/010219cl.shtml Interestingly the Apple utility didn't recognise the drive when I set it to Quantum Fireball.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Actually, it could see the SCSI drive, but I'm now getting "Format verification failed". I've tried 2 different 4GB SD cards, with the limit set to 2GB. I wonder if I should try the Quantum Fireball settings? What happened when you used the Seagate settings?
  8. Thanks. Your reply has prompted me to have another look at the settings. I've discovered it's still showing the default settings (vendor codesrc) so presumably it didn't save the settings that I entered. I'll have another go. Updated: I now see that you have to "Save to device". Updated: It now recognises it! Many thanks.
  9. I just got a SCSI2SD v5.1 and connected it to the internal SCSI cable in my Macintosh LCII. I booted from the System 6.7 startup disk, and from the System 7.01 disk tools disk, and in both cases it tells me that it cannot find any SCSI devices. I've set up the card with the suggested drive name/ID. I'm wondering whether it's because the disks are too old, so I was going to try connecting it via the external SCSI port of a Performa 7100. I have the adaptor for the SCSI2SD, but when I looked through my old SCSI cables I discovered they were also DB25 to Centronics 50 (I think). I
  10. Thanks for the replies - I'll need to keep looking for a 10.5 installation DVD - I'm hoping it's something I kept. Only found 10.2 so far which is too old for the MacBook. In the meantime I think I've found a good solution. I have a PowerMac 7100/80 that does read the CD's created by High Sierra, and I presume I can then create floppy disks from there.
  11. Thanks for the replies. If I can connect it using Ethernet, do I need Fetch to be running on the Performa 630, or on a modern Mac? It has 7.6.1 installed, and there isn't much on there that's useful (a few disk utilities). I did a bit of reading and worked out that if I install OS X 10.5 on my old MacBook then I could do file sharing with the Performa 630 - is that right? Or can I use FTP with a modern Mac without needing Fetch on the Performa 630?
  12. That’s great thanks. Found it there. Just need to work out how to get it into a floppy disk now. The performa 630 has an Ethernet card, but I’m assuming modern macs won’t be able to transfer files to it? It has a cd drive so perhaps I could burn to a cd-rom? I’m very rust with regards to using old Macs!
  13. I bought a Performa 630 that contained a TV tuner card, but no hard drive. When I moved the hard drive from my other 630 it booted but there is no software to use the TV tuner. What is the software called so I can search for it (unsuccessfully searched so far), or can someone provide a link? Also, I have read that System 7.6 includes the software. Can anyone provide links to the English-British versions of System 7.6? Is it normal to install an earlier version first then update, or are there System 7.6 install disks that will install onto a blank hard drive?
  14. I’m planning to get a SCSI2SD to use with an LCII. Is it better to get v5 or v6? V5 looks adequate but maybe it will lose support sooner? I still have my working 80mb hard drive. Can I just copy everything over to the SD card from that (ie if I connect the SD externally)? how does the scsi2sd performance compare to the original hard drives? Does it boot much quicker, like using a modern SSD?
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