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  1. A Mean Well PD-25. It supplies 5v for the card and 12v for the fan.
  2. I believe that side connector is for SCSI, but I have no documentation to that affect and I have never tried connecting anything to it. A lot (most) of these boards were powered by tapping into the Mac's analog board. Some connected directly to board with clips and some, like mine, tapped into the pig tail. Personally I think this may put unnecessary stress on the Mac's power circuit so installed the extra power supply and a new fan.
  3. Nice score! I have one I found in a $5 Plus I bought back in the late '90's. I made an over-long thread about mine.
  4. I did an ATX swap in my MDD a couple of years ago. It's still working fine.
  5. Wow, that is incredible. The crazy lengths people went to back in the day!
  6. Ha ha ha! That floppy drive is messing with your mind! Ok, now swap them back and see if the problem returns... Just kidding, don't do that. No telling why the internal drive works externally, perhaps some anomalous electrical interaction between the drive and the internal vs external bus. Personally I would just accept it, put the former internal drive into the external case and move on.
  7. You can start/stop the drive with the Sony Test software.
  8. Sorry, I meant removed the drive from the Mac and cleaned it etc. not the felt pad. It might be helpful to remove the drive and use it with your external case so you can watch the mechanism when it tries to read a disk.
  9. The test launches with those three test windows open. Close all the test windows then select the drive and open one test at a time. There was still one or two tests that caused lockups even then. Also, I ditched everything from the Mac Garden image except the Sony Test application and am running it from the HD's with known good OS's as I mentioned. Testing my two 400K drives both would bomb out during the track test after 15-20 tracks apparently indicating a track alignment issue which, as mentioned above, is a huge pita to fix and I haven't revisited them. (Or I suppose
  10. I can try your disk image. My 512K is an "e" model with the newer ROMs. However, I fiddled around with the sony test for quite a bit and I came to the conclusion that for whatever reason some of the tests just don't work. (Lacking documentation I don't even know what some of the tests do.) It seems like I remember the order the tests were initiated made a difference as to whether or not it would lock up or crash. It's been a few months since I messed with it and I don't really remember. If I have time maybe I can fire it up and take some notes on what parts I am
  11. I had no problems with the version from Mac garden. I used it with my HyperDrive 512K and my Plus with a SCSI2SD. However I ran the software from the drives, rather than a floppy. Some of the tests did not work for me either, causing a lock up requiring a reboot. I do not remember which tests offhand. The software behaved the same using system 7.0.1 on the Plus and system 4.x? I think on the 512K. I think it's just very early, buggy software probably written to run on a very early version of the Mac OS. It also didn't really help me narrow down the iss
  12. Electronics are cleaned with ultra-pure DI (de-ionized) water. At the very least any board cleaning should done with distilled water.
  13. You may find an accelerator card inside.
  14. Great project. A good candidate for printing with decent results!
  15. Not to my knowledge, but I don't know everything. Post some photos when you get them open!
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