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  1. I have a 17" 1 GHZ iMac G4 (PowerMac6,1), and the USB ports are not working well. Generally only one works at a time, and I have to play a game of wack-a-mole every time I want to plug in my keyboard. It seems like a logic board issue to me, although it might be a power supply issue? Assuming it is a logic board issue, I've been thinking that if I'm going to spend money on a new logic board, I may as well get a PowerMac6,3 board with a 1.25GHz processor, better graphics, and USB 2.0, since the 1GHz is a bit sluggish sometimes. Would it be possible to simply swap the 1GHz board with
  2. I took a few pictures of the insides while I was cleaning it: I don't see anything that immediately strikes me as broken or burnt out. The same problems persisted before and after I cleaned it. I'm not sure if anyone here with a better eye than mine might know how to fix it. If not I'll probably return this. It's a shame because it matches the M0110 so nicely...
  3. Ironically, they were assimilated themselves.
  4. I was under the impression they are generally worth more than that; they aren't exactly very common. But hell, I would have paid a dollar if I had the chance. Either that or I overpaid, but it wouldn't be the first time I've overpaid for something. Probably not the last either.
  5. Assimilation, which was then bought out by Kensington. I have no idea what kind of switches it uses.
  6. Finally found it, on eBay, and not as part of some other auction. Made an offer of $128.84 over the offer of $189 and the seller accepted. I'm not sure if sellers always notice the especially relevant numbers in my offers but I'd like to think it makes a difference. Arrived decidedly sooner than I expected. Just tested the thing and it works; numpad keys work fine, vertical movement on the trackball isn't working the way it should but should be fine once I open this thing up and clean it out. (Boy, does it need to be cleaned...) The only thing which isn't quite working is the regul
  7. Yes, it is possible. I'd like to point out that Decor is another good option and shouldn't bother you about it being unregistered like DeskPicture always does. Also, when dealing with images on old macs, GraphicConverter is a good option. You can find several versions on Macintosh Repository. (This is also doable on System 6, but you will need to need to convert the file to a 1-bit 512x342 PICT file using GraphicConverter, and then use SuperPaint 2.0 to re-save that PICT as a "StartupScreen" file. With Backdrop installed, make a folder in the System folder called "Screens" and thro
  8. My main issue with the look of this mod is that the bevel is too small. If they had gotten a monitor with the original screen size, it would probably look just fine. Is there a similar LCD monitor anyone here would recommend that would fit optimally within the bounds of a regular 9" compact mac? I've got a nice new Macintosh Plus case that I intend to use for this purpose...
  9. Sorry to necropost. Was there ever a utility to prevent System 7 from automatically rebuilding the desktop every time you switch to it from System 6? I seem to recall hearing about this but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.
  10. As you all know, 4MB is a lot of RAM and most computers will never need more than that. Of course, this vast amount of RAM adds 30 seconds onto the boot time of my Plus. Can this be disabled through software or using the interrupt switch, or is it hardcoded into ROM? My guess is the latter. Also, my plus seems to have issues with retaining the proper time. It saves other PRAM settings so I don't know where the issue might be. I'll turn it off and turn it back on a while later and the clock might be a few hours or days behind where it should be. I really ought to take more exact mea
  11. ...this thing has been around since 2014? Geez. I spent a lot of time earlier this year getting back into the hobby and I feel like I googled system 6 browser a million times and searched for information wherever I could but couldn't seem to find anything other then MacWWW. And now all of a sudden I notice that thread about Browser6 (which it seems never got developed very far and god knows if there's a copy publicly available ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) and I'm hearing about Browsy. I'm not very religious, but it's like there's a magic man in the sky that said "ok, it's time to let werdna know ab
  12. I'm a bit confused as to how this installs; I'm worried I don't have the soldering skills to put it in. I suppose that red wire supplies just enough power for the SCSI2SD to function, so I'll at least have to solder that to the board. Aside from that, does this just clip on to the SCSI chip, or is there more going on here? Forgive my ignorance. And does this always prevent the external connector from working? I assume then that the issue of the cable needing to leave the case only applies to if you want to connect an external drive; since the connector won't actually work, it nee
  13. Micromac's website still has an order form... with a submit button... and the site is up and running...... are they still in business? I'd expect them not to be since, according to the page, it hasn't been updated in twenty years... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Both are still down. I had to visit the internet archive just to read the forum rules.
  15. Oh... I'll have to check that one out too. Yes, I'm aware. IIRC you are emulating the ROM in later versions, or something along those lines. And it is definitely faster that way. I had assumed that might have been one of the reasons MacWorks wasn't working but I'm not the developer so I really don't know...
  16. Oh no, that's just for my emu... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So at least I have this now; I've been busy lately so I haven't had time to try this out yet with the Lisa. I can't really hear anything except the fan; or at least if the drive is making unusual noises they aren't any louder than the fan.
  17. It would be nice if this spurs some further development and enthusiasm for Lisa emulation. LisaEm could really use a nice UI update, as well as working MacWorks emulation. (Not that the LOS source code will help with those issues in particular) Maybe someone will go ahead and fork LisaEm into... Mini LisaEm... or something... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. I happen to have in my possession a Lisa 2/10. In the past, it has booted successfully to LOS. I booted it up recently, after having not booted it in a while... now it gives me error code 82. After doing some digging, the best I could find for this is that error code 82 means "Drive won't answer" (from the Sun Remarketing Apple Lisa/Macintosh XL Do-it-Yourself Guide). So, the widget drive isn't working. Not that this is necessarily relevant, but this Lisa is also missing it's 400K drive and its keyboard. In any case, I'm not really sure how to proceed. Does anyone know
  19. How's this project going? I really, really want to buy one of those kits if you plan to make them.
  20. werdna

    Got a Mac +

    <3 There are StartupScreen files that replace "Welcome to Macintosh" that can be saved using Super Paint 2.0 (among others, but this has worked better so far). To my knowledge this is functionality Apple put into the system themselves. In any case, there's a nice extension called backdrop that works in OS 6 which picks a random SS file in a folder called "screens" in the system folder and sets it as wallpaper. It comes with a DA that lets you change it. To actually get the files on there, I resize an image to 512x342 and drag or paste it into Hyperdither; then I h
  21. werdna

    Got a Mac +

    No, just a StartupScreen file on 6.0.8! And I used ResEdit to make some icon changes in the finder to those beautiful rounded folders from pre-system 1 disks. EDIT: Also, if anyone finds or has the Lisa system font for use on system 6, let me know
  22. werdna

    Got a Mac +

    Hello 68kMLA! It's my first post here; I've been a long time Mac lover since I was a kid; I've had old Macs come and go, at one point I had a whole collection. I ended up loosing a bunch of them in an unfortunate moving mixup - it's a long story, but hey, I'm reviving my hobby with an fresh new Mac Plus off of ebay. Ok, not really new... you know what I mean. It's probably not the cheapest or most resourceful way of going about the whole process, and not quite in the spirit of liberating some older mac in horrible condition, but it's better than nothing. I don't plan on going crazy
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