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  1. Hi PotShotScott and Elfen, I'm extremely glad to hear that it "only" affects the sound of the machine. Knowing this, i can always use a bodge-wire to connect them later on. Thanks also for the superb schematics.
  2. Hi, My SE/30 started to show the "simasimac" lines last week. It displayed them for 6-8 minutes after which it gave the beep and started up normally. Reading about this told me that it was time for a re-cap. so i recapped my SE/30 today after receiving a recap-kit yesterday. It was somewhat tedious (i'm no fan of surface mount) but went mostly ok. "Mostly" meaning everything EXCEPT for the tiny 1µf - 50V where i accidentally managed to lift one of the solder pads. The machine now starts up immediately and i can't detect any issues despite this tiny cap not being connected
  3. Hi fellow retro mac enthusiasts Do you know if it is common (??) for a Asante MacCon to break/cease to function? I bought such a card from Italy quite some time ago, but have never been able to get it to work properly (on 6.0.8, 7.0.1, 7.1 and now 7.5.3 inside an SE/30). I think i have tried everything actually. Putting a 10base-t hub in between it and my router (a Hirshmann mini-wg 6tp, a Netgear EN 104tp and a Raspberry PI model 2b (wich eth0 set to 10mbp/s half duplex acting as a wifi-hotspot from the ethernet side). It doesn't connect. I have tested MacIp 2.0.1, Open
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