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  1. I agree with the previous person, $50 US is closer to the pricing I’d have expected.
  2. There was an ADB controlled FM radio as well, not sure where mine is exactly right now though.
  3. That’s what I’m running in my SE/30, works fine.
  4. I’m interested, but unless I’m misreading the threads, a PDI programmer is needed to get it up and running. I spent a bit of time looking around and wasn’t really able to find much for those. Do you have any suggestions (or perhaps search terms I’m overlooking)? Or, perhaps, am I just misunderstanding the situation? Thanks.
  5. That’s surprising, since I recently got an order from JLCPCB and they told me they weren’t experiencing any interruptions due to Coronavirus.
  6. Okay, I found another thread where it said to use the Farallon drivers. I had that driver disk on hand, so I tried it, and it seems to be detected correctly now. Now I just need to find an ethernet cable and see if I can convince it to connect.
  7. I tried the Asante drivers, no luck. I couldn't find SlotInfo, but I found TattleTech, and it identifies as being made by A-Series?
  8. Any suggestions where to find that? I'm coming up empty in my searches.
  9. Thanks, I'll give that a shot.
  10. Are you saying this won't work in Mac OS? Or just that I need A/UX to identify the card?
  11. I just got this NIC for an SE/30 that was sold as working, but I can't figure out who made it, so I can't get the right drivers. The seller claims to not know either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. The hard disk came in this morning, and that got it going. I guess my SSD was just being picky about the older SATA standard. Thanks a lot.
  13. Thanks for the tip, I’ve placed an order for a cheap SATA hard disk, and we’ll see if that works any better.
  14. When connected internally to either SATA port, Disk Utility does not see it. When connected via USB with an external enclosure, it appears in Disk Utility and can be formatted, but the installer refuses to accept it because it is not bootable.
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