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    OK, did some more reading, and it seems the Early 2008s don't work with quad core CPUs, which is too bad. However, I can upgrade from the stock C2D E8135 (2.4 GHz) to a C2D E8335 (2.93 GHz), which was available I think as a BTO/CTO option on the 24" iMac, which isn't earth shattering, but an improvement nevertheless (and, I can find them for about $10, so it's cheap). Next I'll research possible GPU options, as I don't think the stock graphics will perform terribly well on anything past El Capitan. c
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    @davidg5678 That's good to know! However, I just made a mistake: it's an Early 2008, not 2009 as I had originally said. So far, the main thing that changes is that RAM is limited to 6 GB DDR2, vs. 8 GB DDR3, and the GPU is a measly Radeon 2400 XT w/ 128 MB VRAM, so I seriously doubt Catalina would be a very pleasurable experience, especially with this iMac configured as is. I think I can maybe get High Sierra on it, though, and perhaps with an SSD and a GPU upgrade (if possible), performance therein will be decent., even with 6 GB RAM. We'll
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    Before I continue, I'd like to thank @Cory5412 for re-integrating my 2017 Latest... thread with my 2013 thread, which I thought was lost until I accidentally rediscovered it a few days ago. OK, so with that out of the way, let's discuss the iMac! It's the Early 2009 20" model, with base 2.4 GHz Core2 Duo E8135 CPU. I'm not sure of RAM, but I suspect that it's either 2 or 4 GB (I'll have to boot it up and check). Anyway, I'm thinking of ways I can upgrade it to be a bit more useful. However, being that it's at the extreme edge of what's considered usefully
  4. @Rick Dangerous If you can still find it, I've had success using BatteryAmnesia to measure battery runtime under classic Mac OS (it also gives the battery a good workout). Aside from that, I think the battery/energy saver Control Strip module (the one with the battery charge level meter) can show an approximate time remaining. c
  5. @Byrd Good question! On the surface, they seem to have something to do with some kind of ROM hacking, but without clarification by the OP, it's anyone's guess.... ....looks at provided romhacking.net link.... OK, looks like some kind of thread dedicated to patching some games from the 90s. Maybe part of the point of posting it here is that it could be somehow, some way applicable to classic Macs? c
  6. Japan is an interesting oddity that way. The same is true of things like LaserDiscs and such-- stuff that's really obscure and ends in a faint whimper pretty much everywhere else just seems to take off and become quite popular over there. c
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    And, 11 months later... I actually have something worthwhile to post here: I was just given a decent looking 2009 iMac! It's the smaller size (22"?), and that's about all I know for now. I'll post more when I dig in tomorrow.... In the meantime, here's a quick 'n dirty picture of it: c
  8. If you ever find one, let me know, as I have a 1400c...(something?) with the typical shot plastics down by the right hinge, and I'd be interested in possibly acquiring your "old" cs display, if you'd be willing c
  9. I have a pile of drives that do this (regardless of where/how they're installed), and it's driving me crazy because I don't have many other working spares! I don't have anything useful to add (aside from another test sample, I suppose), but I nevertheless will be following this thread intently to see if anyone can discover a solution I can try! c
  10. It sure would be neat to get a hold of one of those "turbo Macs"! It sounds more or less like an improved version of the 512k! I wonder if the PAL equations the author of the above page apparently wrote could be programmed into an otherwise standard, OEM 512k board (instead of Unitron's clone board) to improve its performance? Or, perhaps it could be used for an improved, modern-day 128/512k clone! Or.... maybe they could be used in the SE clone project to enhance its performance a bit relative to a standard SE? c
  11. I will! As soon as this wretched move is done with.... c
  12. Actually, from what I read on that MacRumors thread, the back is actually held on primarily via magnetism (with perhaps some light glue to keep it from shifting around), and a gentle but firm whack of a hammer should break it loose. Also, another option is https://www.ebay.com/itm/313025353556, but it appears to be out of stock at the moment. The more I think of this, the more tempted I am to pull out a spare set of speakers from a Blueberry iMac (also rotted, of course), buy a set of these, and try replacing them! c
  13. @Iesca To save you a bit of trouble, here's a current link to the replacements: https://www.ebay.com/itm/303793830352 All my iMacs are developing speaker rot, so I may in time get some of these and fix them up. Then come the G4 Cube speakers.... c
  14. The pricing for almost anything has become pie in the sky high! And not just on eBay... For example: at the local grocery store, an eight roll package of paper towels is almost $30. In March of 2020 (just before the shutdowns hit), the same package was ~$12-$15, depending on if there was a sale. Insane!! c
  15. I have a 2010 Unibody MacBook that does this (all sound goes dead out of the blue), and resetting the PRAM usually fixes it, albeit temporarily (it recurs every now and then, and I've never been able to figure out why, but as long as resetting the PRAM fixes it, I'm OK with it. It's not like I use that particular machine often anyway.) So, try resetting the PRAM before you wipe the hard drive and reinstall the OS. c
  16. That looks really nice! I think that smaller socket just above the '030 is for an FPU. Most software doesn't use it (I think some spreadsheet software and scientific/mathematical programs use the FPU extensively if one is available), but if you come across one (for the '030, I think either a 68881 or 68882 would work if you can find one in the proper form factor), it might be a neat thing to install "because you can" c
  17. *Separate post for clarity* Regarding serial cables, doesn't one need a special crossover cable for direct machine-to-machine LocalTalk? c
  18. I visited the Micro Center when I was in SoCal a few years ago (2017), and it was FUN! I got some parts for the file server I was building at the time (cables, drives, etc), and I picked up a souvenir Micro Center-branded flash drive which I still use (since it's 64 GB at USB 3.0 speeds, it's one of the fastest ones I have). Also picked up a nice little keyboard (sorta like the numpad-less Apple Keyboard, but not). I'm going to have to go back to SoCal at some point once the pandemic's over for some important business, so maybe while I'm there I can go back and have an
  19. I'm guessing that this is probably because CF cards are still a relatively popular niche in the field of digital photography. Not because there's new demand per se, but because I suspect there's still a fair amount of older cameras still in service (either as backups, or as a first or second camera for beginners, such as myself) that use CF as their primary format. That being said, I totally agree, and for anything beyond that niche, one would probably be much better served by SD, if only because of the fact that they're much more common and available in larger sizes. An
  20. I'm very jealous!! Once this pandemic subsides a bit (will it ever be 100% over?), we should meet up so I can see all these marvelous tots of yours in person! I guess I'll have to settle for pictures for now... c
  21. Can these be reverse engineered and re-implemented somehow? I ask because, since the newfound supply of these is finite and will likely run out sooner than later, this seems like it would be an excellent opportunity to reverse engineer them without sacrificing working logic boards. c
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