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  1. Ha, nice. I do like some tech MacGyver! I didn't even have the stock carrier. I was lucky enough to find an edge connector adapter on ebay! If you would have used velcro instead of foam tape, you'd had a somewhat authentic application. I'm sure you noticed the CC's speaker is held in place with velcro!
  2. I'm also curious about the support complaint on Micheal. There have been multiple posts in these very forums about how helpful he is, and I myself have had nothing but first class personal support discussions with him. I use SCSI2SD v6 boards almost exclusively, in everything with a 68030 or greater and have been absolutely satisfied with the product and the support. I'm happy the firmware was able to resolve your issue. Interestingly enough, my Color Classic is the one of the few equipped with a v5 board, mainly because of the custom tray I built out of chopsticks at the time.
  3. DiiMO was also in on the cache goodness. Quadra Cache 128k from my collection.
  4. @bbraun has it dumped on his website http://www.synack.net/~bbraun/roms/
  5. That picture is of one of my boards, and I can assure you the orientation is correct and the FPU is authentic. If you look at the package, and the board, you will notice the small registration marks (a dot on the board, an indent on the chip) that aligns. Also the pin numbers around the socket will match with the pin numbering of the 68882. If you purchased a 68882 for £2, I would highly suspect the chip.
  6. Neither of my ROM1 boards have any rework on the bottom. The capacitor up by the larger hole, and the other rework pictured are absent. But I have to say, that's quite professional work. I would be shocked if it wasn't factory rework. What board revision?
  7. Exactly which pivot card are you using? If the IIsi version, mouse movement issues can happen if the jumpers on the card are not set correctly.
  8. It seems to me "newer" devices work just fine without the black beauty, but earlier ones do not. For instance, my AppleCD 300 is not recognized unless the special black terminator is in place.
  9. There’s a DayStar support document around I can’t seem to find right now, but I believe 4.11 brings System 7.5 support and fixes something with Virtual Memory.
  10. Recently acquired a Total Systems Magellan 040 in an old SE/30! So this accelerator is a rebrand of the Donoho Design Tokamac SX. Unfortunately, I could not find drivers for either of these accelerators online, and the drive that came with card was not working. But I think we can overcome that issue. I ripped off the cover, freed the jammed drive, and was able to make a full backup! I recovered the Magellan 040 Companion 1.7 files, which include: Fixit 040™ 1.7 SwitchMatic™ 1.7 QuickSANE™ 1.7
  11. A UMAX C500 @ 200MHz was listed last year at $115 BIN with a make an offer option. I remember it on my feed for quite a while, but don't recall if it sold or was just eventually removed.
  12. Hey guys, anyone following this should check this out: @hyperneogeo is building some of these modules right now, so please don't wait around... get 'em while the gettins' good! I don't have a lot of memory chips, and my source has stopped replying to my inquiries after I thought we had made a deal...
  13. Hi @dougg3, Thanks so much for designing these. The only place that would do 1.27mm boards was allpcb, and it took a bunch of emails, a special setup, and it more than doubled the price of the PCB. I'll most likely limit sales to 4x16MB per individual so everyone can at least get a bunch of RAM. If there are leftovers, I'll do a round two.
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