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  1. this might seem really simply - but have you tried pushing the ROM stick into the slot? My IIx has a bad ROM SIMM Slot and often won't make contact with the SIMM (Especially the modern ones which tend to be a thinner 1.2mm PCB whereas the original ones where 1.27mm) when it is not making contact I get the exact same symptoms as you are getting here
  2. If only I could get my hands on a Q700 Only ever seen a few for sale in the UK and they're usually ridiculously priced when they do come up!
  3. Personally I would say charge a little more then, I have made the mistake before of selling stuff at near cost levels of profit and it gets old really quick
  4. £28 sounds very reasonable to me, A huge amount of work has gone in to that board!
  5. Very nicely done! I kinda want to get my hands on a battery damaged SE just so I can build one of these boards
  6. @cheesestraws@mattsoft@olePigeon Thanks I'll build the next revision of board to be blink on for activity
  7. Simple question, Where activity LED's in older macs on blinking off for activity or off blinking on (Like modern pc's)? I need to sort out the activity LED circuit on my SCA to SCSI adapters (Which techknight pointed out to me was incorrect several years ago but I never got around to fixing...) and am trying to figure out which way to wire it but I don't have anything with both a original HDD and a activity indicator to check
  8. My PB100 has no RFID paint on the palmrest I need to double check but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work without another antenna
  9. Ooh, So with the SCSI to Ethernet support I could have wifi on my PB100, Awesome! Which reminds me I need to make the couple of corrections to my 2.5" board after which I'll post the PCB files for anyone that is interested
  10. @Kai Robinson Have you found a source of the DRAM ic's for those sticks? I looked at building some a while back but couldn't find the IC's for anything approaching a reasonable price....
  11. For the 165 you could use a RaSCSI board, I made a modified version of @landoGriffin's hardware design designed to fit in a PB's HDD bay. Otherwise it's a SCSi2SD as others have said (If you can get hold of one that is, the last few times I have looked the 2.5" version has been out of stock
  12. It's not something I would have usually looked at, It was last Christmas and I was board and looking for something stupidly old that I could shoehorn Windows 10 onto to send to one of our shops as a joke refurb, I only picked it up as it looked quite chunky at which point I realised it was sitting on a dock which I separated it form to find the laptop was a prototype (the dock was not). If It wasn't for me trolling to scrap pile for something to wind up one of our shop managers with it would have gone to recycling I would actually love to find a QS on it, the G4 towers (And G3 B/
  13. I always keep a eye on the scrap pile at work and occasionally find some interesting things, probably the most interesting things I picked up where a Prototype 17" 2007 MBP (Sadly dead) and a Prototype Dell Latitude X200 (working but with broken hinges, dead battery (No surprise) and missing HDD cable & ram cover) which I'm currently looking for IDE SSD and battery for (Having fixed it's other issues) The X200 is actually a really impressively thin and light laptop for the early 2000's (It's as thin and light as my Thinkpad L480). No idea what any of our customers where doing with prototyp
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