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  1. i have a PCIE GeForce210 1024m card here... Hey can you send me your set up thumb drive i don't have the time to set one up.
  2. yeah i could just do what the us govt does… just push the shit off the ship into the water and buy new.
  3. the funny thing is chrome worked fine. then its like the last release they made the screen go all jittery on me... its like a freakin seizure. so as far as i am concerned google broke it on purpose. safari just has issues in paypal and other online forms etc...
  4. if it works i might be happy with it.
  5. or it looks like i can run virtual box.... and just use lion as a shell os and run linux or windows 10 in a virtual machine.
  6. Well its got (2) dual core xeon processors running at 2.66ghz each and 14 gigs of ECC ram... a 7200rpm 8m cache hard drive... i just dont think this needs to be upgraded... or what i mean is that i am time for an upgrade. As it works lightning fast... this retard mentality of upgrading your crap every month... really gets me going... i guess worse case dump this os and install linux.... that sounds like a half good idea...
  7. I found that firefox is like the last browser i can reliably use with this machine. its my work computer, its just fine with lion on it. Just Chrome and Safari are no longer any good. Thank goodness for fire fox… Man i haven't used firefox in Years... but it working good for me… so i guess that is all i care about.
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Button-Cell-Battery-Holder-with-3x-LR44-Batteries-4-5V-/222137452425?hash=item33b86c8789:g:6B4AAOSwmtJXTsJC solder this down… clearance issues solved.
  9. that is a good idea how much is a reasonably priced unit? lol i might go get one... i just seen they were like 200+ and i can't really drop that right now at the moment...
  10. yeah these pus's were packed full of filth, and the caps has all leaked out the nasty goo all over the place. seems like the 16v 470uf's are the first ones to spill their goo. i think thinking these were from systems in a computer lab or something where they were on like 24/7. I had a 840av psu catch fire and shoot out flames like 2 feet from the rear... the big pie fan turned it into a flame thrower... that was fun, burned all the hair off my arm... that system came from a machine shop. lol
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