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  1. I like this idea, I'm all for it myself.
  2. The strange thing is that as soon as I put in some known good sticks it booted up without a single issue. I have no idea what was wrong with the old sticks.
  3. I'd totally be up for that! Very true, I didn't think about power consumption costs. I'm really not sure what I can do with them though. And as it turns out the A1289's both aren't registering their memory. Somehow. Not sure if the RAM itself is bad or what. Not sure if it's even worth testing.
  4. That's too bad about the IIsi machines. So I have 2 A1186 with the Dual 2.66 and stripped of memory, graphics, and HD. But then 2 A1289 with the 3.2 chip and 32GB memory. The one with the broken base is one of the A1186 machines. Not a bad find, still don't know what I'll do with them. Media server?
  5. Did you see the listing earlier today for the 3 Mac IIsi for free in CT? That was a little too far for me to drive myself
  6. So I was trolling the free section of Craigslist this morning and came across a listing for "4 Power Mac G5's" or something of the sort in Boston, not too far from where I live. I shoot the guy an email and after some correspondence head down to pick up my catch. I get there and am greeted by the silver aluminum boxes of what he and I believed to be Power Macs, barely fitting all four of them in my car I drove home as fast I could through the rush hour traffic. Imagine my shock to find out that they are not in fact Power Macs upon closer inspection at home.
  7. Right now these are on eBay running anywhere from ~$400-$1600 USD in various states of condition. But besides that they're probably the heaviest Apple machine to have been produced and therefore shipping is terribly expensive too.
  8. First time real post in the conquest section, as well as first time real post in some years on this site. By some sort of sheer blind luck I came across a Power Macintosh G3 AIO for free on Craigslist, albeit without the hard drive. I'm assuming it works from inspecting the board and internals and everything although I haven't yet connected it to power, but will do so tomorrow morning. What it is missing besides the hard drive though is the sled that the drive mounts on inside of the caddy that slides out of the back in order to service the board and drives. Besides canniba
  9. I'll be using it for general fun, maybe gaming. But the real reason I bought it was to have an older OS system so that I could connect my eMate to it easily. I don't need to have it with the 166mhz processor I'm just the kind of person who likes to get the top specs with computers and electronics. Especially now that I actually have a little bit of an Apple collection. And when I say top specs, I mean top of what it was originally able to be bought with.
  10. It came with 16mb of RAM, I think it was used as a kids laptop because of the games installed on it I do plan on upgrading the RAM to the full 64mb though, although I'm still surprised at how much I can get done on it with just the 16mb. Another thing... The speakers are amazingly loud!
  11. So I saw an estate sale advertised in my area on Craigslist a few days back and went to it this morning for one item in particular. On the site page for the sale they put up a picture of a PowerBook 1400, with the higher end display to boot. Naturally I casually rushed over there this morning to buy it. I got home to check out if it still works (it does) and checked out the processor speed, only to find that it has the slower 117mhz... It came with everything I could ask for though, battery (not working), original power cable (with a slight crack), 6x CD drive, and what I was really hoping
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