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  1. My parents are using a Core Solo MacMini1,1 with Windows 10. It's usable if you have patience.
  2. The Mac was never going to be a gaming platform due to Apple's apathy towards it post-II and the Mac's poor suitability towards gaming. Big framebuffers + no acceleration features like sprites + slow CPU + slow I/O between those = bad gaming platform. For the audio you got, mono was a silly limitation, but good enough and enough to compete.
  3. Seriously people; setting up stunnel or an HTTPS stripping/converting proxy or just using big boy machines to do the net work for you is the future. (Or living in some kind of VPN/LAN full of retro stuff.)
  4. FWIW, I run 24bpp 1080p just dandy on an OG GeForce DDR. It also worked on a TNT2, but was quite poky at it. Both had a crisp VGA output at 1080p.
  5. Really depends on Jason Scott not-dying and steady donations.
  6. I personally prefer Word 6, but I believe you can get translators for Word 6 or ClarisWorks that let you save Word 97 files - which modern Word supports for sure.
  7. Probably won't be very useful, seeing as Classilla already exists, the 1998 build of Mozilla is *extremely* primitive (IIRC, it's quite broken and below NS4 in capability.) It'd be a cool exercise anyways though. If you want something practical to port though, NetSurf seems like a good candidate.
  8. Guys, Telnet's kinda lame. It's cool if you have no TCP stack and just a modem, but half the fun is using graphical dinguses that talk with simple and standard protocols to servers.
  9. 9 is a lot more fun and retro though. X will just make it seem like a slower modern computer.
  10. JavaScript slows down far newer and faster machines. Your best bet would be aggressive NoScript usage to only whitelist the bare minimum. (Which is a good idea on any system. Or just not use a G4 as a daily driver, but as a retro thing.)
  11. I mean, you could use either an SSL stripping tunnel or proxy too...
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