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  1. IIRC only the early units had a socketed rom, but all of them kept the socket and ability to switch from he soldered Rom to the socket one. (probably for late upgrades that never came) I have had a few units, and only recently came across a board without soldered Roms (also unfortunately missing the IIsi Rom Simm) so useless without. At some point this Rom simm was sought after to convert a SE/30 (dirty) to 32-bit-clean, so many were removed for this purpose.
  2. Probably a reason, military or industrial requirement ? plus having a twin floppy management included...
  3. Flyback tranformer ? common issue with black screen symptom.
  4. The optoisolator is socketed, so no need for any skill though, just removing and installing a new one.
  5. i cut the head off the old cap, never had any issue. The process is then easy, the plastic base can be broken and remaining legs removed easily.
  6. Yes, the black plastic base is part of the capacitor.
  7. This issue is related to a bad Optoisolator mainly.
  8. Clean the board first and have a try. The board will need new caps for sure. Cap goo is conductive, so a short is a possibility.
  9. Conner drives are the ones.
  10. What brand is your drive ? some can be revived easily
  11. UD13 / UE13 (74hc132) are known to be faulty with the same exact issue (top right of the board next to capacitors)
  12. using two rods (in the psu groove area) and a vice will crack the PSU without too much hassle
  13. probably a Rom issue as you said in your post, you can have try swapping rom with another unit, probably with a Plus also.
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