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  1. Cool! I use a MessagePad 110 every day for calendar and notes at university. Handwriting recognition is off, so I use "electronic ink" for writing. I also make a lot of sketches on the Newton. I sync the Newton with a PowerBook 3400c/240 at home, which is connected to a networked HP LaserJet for printing. Old tech is still usefull !
  2. Thank you! I now downloaded all MicroMac driver software using Wayback Machine from archive.org. Is there a place here to upload files ? Its only 1.1MB in total. I would gladly share them for others that may need them in the future
  3. Hi all! I got a Macintosh Classic with a MicroMac Accelerator attached to its cpu pins on the motherboard. The accelerator card is marked "MMXL" and contains a 25MHz 68030 I think. On the 40MB hard drive there were only a clean 6.0.7 installation and no extra drivers, extensions, control panels etc. I benchmarked the machine and got exactly the same results as my stock Classic so the accelerator is not beeing used. The MicroMac homepage lists drivers for download, but all links are broken. Anyone got a clue where I can find those files ? Been googling a lot for them...
  4. Ok, thank you! I'll check that out in the next days. The Duo batteries have a small serial chip that looks like a transistor yes, and the 170 batteries are just 2x five cells in series.
  5. Hi I have rebuilt batteries for my PowerBook 170 and my Duo 280c (with a type I battery). I used cells with higher capacity than the originals. The problem is that even though the battery meter shows over 80% carge (after running for approx. 10 mins), the low-power warnings comes up and the computer goes to sleep. Seems like MacOS does not understand that the battery still has a lot of charge. Any ideas ?
  6. I have an upgraded 8200/120, which I use for playing around with old software under OS 9.1. Surfing web with Clasilla etc. Specs are: Sonnet Crescendo/7200 400MHZ G3 592 MB RAM UltraSCSI PCI card UltraSCSI 9.1 GB HD Radeon 7000 Think it runs pretty fast in 9.1. Also have an 8100/110 which has original specs (not sure if the 72mb ram is original though) on which I play around under OS 7.6.1. Cool to have a fast system 7 machine.
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