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  1. Hey everyone, haven't got a new apple thing in a while and I stopped in Goodwill the other day and found this. It was $25. I liked the condition it was in so I grabbed it. It has a 2.0 Rom version. Are there any decent drawing/painting apps for this? I got it synced with my 1400 but don't know what to put on it! I don't think the sound works...I messed with the volume setting but haven't heard a peep.
  2. That quicksilver and studio display are two peas in a pod.
  3. The poor eMac. I gave her a newer computer, a cheap 2009-ish celeron tower I had lying around (fry's electronics computer) with windows 7 and I bought a little wireless usb stick for it that is meant for windows 7. Even after 2 fresh windows installs, it now randomly reboots itself, freezes when it's finished booting and just plain sucks. She has the emac back again while I figure out this PC (piece of crap) I smoked for around 7 years. I'm at 4 years without one...seems longer. I just threw the pack out the window and dealt with the withdrawals for a few weeks. It was hard, like any ot
  4. I acquired an eMac 1Ghz that was pretty smokey. Girlfriend's aunt smoked a lot in front of it. I cleaned it like CRAZY, the shell a ten minute shower mixed with magic erasers. It all pretty much went away.. If I could get the grille off in front to clean the speakers I would be pleased. I may have to take apart a lot more to access the speakers by the looks of it.. The computer is quirky, I think it needs a new battery.
  5. Oh I did that. Someone else had their way with that thing, it's all bent out of shape. It pushes the keyboard up slightly
  6. I'd like to see a lc in a case made out of a real pizza box. It would smell good at the least.
  7. So I'm on those Mac binges and another ebay find came to the door yesterday. I paid $26 total, the guy said it booted with a floppy but that's it. Didn't know anything else about it. Well it turned out ok, has a working 160MB HD, 12MB Ram, ethernet card and the battery was not exploded To my delight, some of my favorite games were already on it. I think it has a VRAM upgrade too, don't know what size or if they only come in one size..it displays thousands of colors. Very happy with this one little red dots on the case are stubborn to remove.
  8. Here's the 2300 board, don't know if you wanted a pic of the connector's for the LCD but here it is anyway. I only want the RAM upgraded so I could run 8.6 or 9 because it's so...useless! Would be great The paper covering everything says T-WING CHOMERICS in a pattern
  9. heh woops I meant G4 Xserve. What would a G3 Xserve have looked like? blue and plastic maybe
  10. I'm going to wait until it doesn't boot or some other weird thing happens before it gets re-capped. Get as many miles as I can since I don't use many sound intensive apps on it. Whichever caps are the least hassle to put on I would be fine with though. Looking at other posts lately, it's just a matter of time..
  11. I have a dual 1.33 G3 xserve I use as a desktop. Since it has no audio card I use a USB audio in/out which works just fine. I also slapped in a USB 2.0 card and it makes an awesome 10.5 mac, plays 360p youtube without problems. It's downfall is being loud as hell. It covers the entire desk holding drinks, 22 inch lcd and the cat easily. If you have the room, an xserve makes a decent computer.
  12. Hey everyone, I was hunting on ebay and got this thing for about $50 total. It came with the box for Duo 230 and power adapter. There was a few papers in it but not even the owner's book, just registration stuff and a duo dock book. The base of the laptop says powerbook 2300 underneath. I can't tell if it's from another 2300 or an ordered upgrade. Anyways, loaded up 8.1 on it through localtalk using the Macintosh TV's cd drive. Painfully slow. Does anybody have any ideas on what interesting games and apps would work on a 16 greys powerpc? Anything that requires 256 is out of question I gu
  13. Heyy people, i have a 540 newly aquired. I love it! It gets dark corners after a while..can i swap a color lcd on this? The corners arent that bad but will probably progress. Ill post images of it sometime
  14. I cleaned it out with a q-tip and found a tiny piece of sheet metal or something, the size of a match head. This could have been blocking it. Haven't used this laptop much, it came with a 3400 box that it sits inside like a vampire. The previous owner could have switched drives rather violently? Anyways it works!
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