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  1. Been tinkering with Snapz Pro some more, went down to 256 colours and 640x480 resolution, the smallest I could select, and it's still not capturing properly, just killing the computer. Is there any way to capture the 9600's video using my MacBook Pro or G5 tower?
  2. Thanks. I've just given Snapz Pro a go and it's just as bad as CameraMan, worse actually. Have lowered screen resolution and colours (to thousands from millions) and it causes the whole computer to slow down massively as soon as recording starts. I even changed the scratch disk to the Medea tower to see if that made a difference, alas no. Balls.
  3. Hello. I'd like to capture as video files, with audio, what I'm doing on one of my vintage machines (spec: OS9, PowerMac 9600, 400Mhz G3, 1GB RAM), does anyone have any insight on achieving this? I tried CameraMan 3.0 but the resulting video was very choppy, only seemed to capture a couple of frames a second, which is no good, I want seamless playback! Am I doing something wrong or is that not possible with software? My screen resolution is high, can't remember exactly what but maybe 1960 by 1080 or something. I haven't thought to try a lower screen resolution until just this second, so I'll
  4. *bump* Guys, do any of you have any words of wisdom that might help me resurrect this monitor? What is the component that I've broken? How do I replace it? I'm keen to have a go at saving this, but need some help! Component level repair is way outside my comfort zone...
  5. Cool, that supports what little info I've gleaned from elsewhere. I'll hit the net up for the Mac software package later on and we'll see!
  6. Hullo. I've been wanting to get a video capture card for my 9600 for a while and grabbed a complete Mirovideo DC30 Plus set the other day. Perusing the manual that came with it, it only specifies PC hardware, no mention of Mac. There's not much info to be found by Google, but one forum post I did find says that the Plus version is cross-platform. Can anybody confirm that? I do have an Apple PC Compatibility card in there, running Win98, so perhaps I could use this card via that. Does anyone know that the PC Card can access all the PCI slots in the 9600? Also, I'd be wanting to capture vide
  7. Hmmm... That sounds doable. Could you point me at the specific heat sink you used please, and what's involved in fitting other than modifying the mounting holes? Thermal paste?
  8. Yup, I'm coming to the same conclusion; LCS dead. Everything points to it, not least of all the peculiar gurgling sound it made when I laid the tower on its side and booted yesterday afternoon... Oh well. I'm not going to muck around trying to refurb it, it looks overly complicated and not foolproof so I'll just strip it for parts and toss the carcass. Bummer, but I'll pick up an air-cooled G5 soon enough!
  9. Hello folks. My G5 tower (dual 2.5, liquid cooled, 7GB RAM, 2x300GB HDD, 2x23" Apple displays) appears to have died. I fired it up last night for the first time in a few weeks (have more or less fully migrated my photography workflow to my MBP over last couple of months) to pull off and archive a bunch of stuff spread over the 2 drives in the tower. Turned out there was around 500GB of stuff to archive, so I set it to dumping to an external disc and left it running over night. All finished when I checked this morning (although I noticed the activity light on the external drive still blinking).
  10. Hello. I recently acquired a Promise Technology "fastTrak100 TX2" PCI ATA card and I want to use it in my PM 9600 with a IDE-CF card adapter. However, I'm not sure if these are "plug n play" or need drivers? Google isn't immediately availing me of the info, so any ideas? I stuck it in a PCI slot and hooked the CF board to it and nada. It's ths card, BTW: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/storage-champions,380-4.html Cheers! S
  11. well, we have some progress... I can now confirm that the cable works! However, my portrait display now doesn't... I thought I'd have another go at seeing what I can adjust inside the case, so removed the case and top shield and hooked the monitor up to my 9600. On booting the computer, the display was garbled as upthread. There's a bunch of adjustable components dotted around so I got a long screwdriver and started adjusting to see what'd happen! None made any difference until I hit this one (circled and arrowed): And when I say "hit" I mean hit! As soon as I made contact with
  12. Thanks for that, although testing like that is a little outside of my skillset... So the monitor doesn't look terminal? Is that a consensus view? I'll keep looking for cables/adapters. More questions. I want to have this running hooked to my 9600 as a second monitor. That is possible, right? My 9600 has 7.6.1, 8.6 and 9.2.2 on various partitions, is it possible to extend the desktop across two monitors in each OS? Will having the portrait hooked up force both screens to grayscale or will I be able to have the multi-scan 14 in colour? I still don't have a video card with dual outputs,
  13. Gentlemen, some developments... OK, monitor arrived, but I had to source a cable. Managed to get one via a post I made to Usenet, for free too! It's an Apple cable, 13W3 to DB15, but the 13W3 end only has half the pins that seem standard, but the chap assured me that it is the correct cable for the portrait monitor I have. Here it is: Now, I hooked it up to my LCIII to test the monitor and here's what I get: What's the issue here? Can any of you guys diagnose this as fixable or terminal? I've opened the case to see if there was anything I could adjust but I'm working
  14. I like your thinking! It's not that I dislike the design, I actually think it looks really good. I've just never seen a portrait CRT in the flesh before, quite jarring!
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