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  1. Thank you all for your suggestions. I have removed and reseated the ROM card to no avail. I hadn't thought of the alcohol. I will give that a shot. Is anyone here good with a multitester? Maybe someone could help me with what actual circuit board components I should test first? The board must be getting power because the green light comes on when the AC adapter is plugged in. Problem is... it won't do anything else. Thanks for bearing with me and as always, I'd appreciate any help received!
  2. What I meant by cleaning the whole board was that I used a soft toothbrush with a little water. I did let it dry completely and even used a hair dryer on the low setting to make sure every part was dry, but alas, it still does the same thing. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  3. Hey fellow Newtonians! I need your help in fixing my eMate! The short of the story... I had it sitting in a chair under my dining room table. I had tomato's sitting on the table, and one of them rottened and leaked slightly. A few drops found its way into the eMate. I didn't know this until I got to work and tried to turn it on. I saw the stain. I get home and take it apart. The only place I could find where it had dripped was on the metal cover that surrounds the PCMCIA slot. I checked all around several times and couldn't see anywhere it else it had spread. I cleaned the whole board to b
  4. I'm REALLY angry right now! Today, I decided to open up the case of my Indigo iMac (Summer 2001) to dust it out. Imagine my shock and horror when I got the outer front faceplate off (where iMac is printed below the tube), the CHEAP AS HELL plastic had cracked in several different places!!! Sorry for the caps, but I'm furious right now! Why? Because I baby my equipment whether it be a Mac or otherwise. I did not, at any time drop it, abuse it. I was gentle as I could be with it throughout the 7 years I've had it. The part that curves over the top (same plastic piece) where the outer blue shell
  5. Here's an update... I cracked it open... 1 of the IC's was cocked a pretty good bit out of its socket. Even when I pushed it in and checked the rest of them, STILL no joy. I left it on for 10 or 15 minutes, none of the IC's got hot, so I don't think any of them are bad. I even tried a different power supply I already had, and still nothing. Any ideas?
  6. Hey Bunsen... I'm sorry... I'm in the states (South Carolina). Do you have a diagnosis or is she terminal?
  7. Hey there everyone... It's been a while since I've posted. I wanted to say to those who've PM'ed me, I will follow-up with you in time. My mind's been all over the place as well as my emotions... That's a story for The Lounge, which I'll post later... At our local flea market, I found a VIC-20 in the box with cartridges, paddles and a joystick and everything needed to hook it up for $1, but sadly I think it's busted. I hooked it up, flipped the switch, red light comes on the VIC-20, but nothing on the screen. One of the chips is fried I presume? I'd appreciate any help anyone could giv
  8. I think that card, from the research I've done on the eMate, is the ROM card, and the blank slot is where the upgrade goes. Another thing I found out that I need to address in one of my follow-up articles on the eMate is if you get a memory upgrade that NewerTech made, one may have to resolder the chips on the card as the soldering job on these boards was horrid at best. If you happen to get a WiFi card, or any other PCMCIA card, be sure it's a 5 volt card and not 3.3. The eMate will see a 3.3 card, but will automatically think it's 5 volts which will fry the card and possibly the eMate. H
  9. Pretty cool, but I'm with MacMac and LC... I acquired a eMate 300 of my own through a trade recently, and I wrote an article about it, which you can read here: My great new writing machine: An old Newton eMate 300 I LOVE the eMate! MacMan and all other eMate 300 owners here, does your eMate have the memory upgrade and/or a WiFi card? The Newton has simply blown me away. It's a REAL shame Jobs killed off the Newton, and even more of a shame that Apple didn't effectively market the eMate 300. In my eyes, it's the perfect mix of a full blown computer and a PDA. What must have program
  10. <> Amen on both accounts! The Extended series and especially the Model M's are truly legendary for their tactile feel!
  11. Hey wacky... I saw that article! It was truly a wonderful read!
  12. Hey Scott... Yeah, I actually have it hooked up to a spare 13" TV I have here. I was just trying to actually find a monitor if someone had one.
  13. My latest conquest is my most treasured... John (co-host of the RetroMacCast) found an Apple IIe and sent it to me. It was just the system and the DuoDisk drive along with some floppies... I'm REALLY REALLY happy! I haven't used one since 1993... I remember such classics as Word and Number Munchers, Oregon Trail, Odell Lake, Speedway Math, along with many others... There will be a forthcoming Welcome To Macintosh article with pictures telling about the happy reunion. Does anyone happen to have either a green screen monitor or color monitor for it? Finally having the Apple IIe abso
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