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  1. Wow thanks, this will be a huge help. I will try this first, then if it doesn't work I'll keep searching for someone who can help me locally.
  2. Thanks, I'll check the spring tabs, I noticed them but didn't thing they were that important. I'll also check U5 and U7 to the best of my abilities, but there's not much I can do in terms of cleaning for now. It's a bit frustrating not knowing a thing about electronics, guess I'll have to get myself some equipment sooner or later .
  3. If I turn "on" the switch on the back and then I press the power button on the keyboard, nothing happens (no clicks, no light). However, if I remove the logic board with the switch on, I can hear what seems to be the fan and a probably "clicking" hard drive, maybe faulty. If I try to insert quickly the logic board as to jump-start it, everything stops.
  4. I will try that, they are in good shape but I'll know more once I inspect them better.
  5. Also, a working CC would finally allow me to test my LC550 and LC575 logic boards which I bought these last few months
  6. Unfortunately no...I am still searching for someone here in Denmark to help Hmm interesting...problem is I don't have any sort of equipment and still need someone who understands these problems. The various lockdowns have not helped either... To ship such a computer to be serviced would be far too risky in my opinion.
  7. I am sorry to hear that! By writing emails to Support, it was clear they were not happy at all to proceed with a refund - luckily in this case I had the seller's original pics. It is absurd to think every time to take pictures at every step of the unboxing process, but probably it is just as you say, the more proof the better.
  8. I just received news from Buyee Support: they asked a lot of photos and details of the package and content, but after that I got a full refund. I just thought some of you might want to know in case something like this happens to another member in the future. Make sure to always pay for insurance. It costs almost nothing and can change everything.
  9. Nice! I didn't even know about this method. Also, the problem was that I won the auction on Buyee (Yahoo Japan). Communicating with the seller is quite difficult as it goes through Buyee support, translated in Japanese and sent back as reply, and must be done some days in advance. I tried with other items but it was too late as the auction closed.
  10. You are totally right. To minimize damage, one should also put the Mac with the CRT facing down. But it probably wouldn't have solved the problem this time. That said, I learned the hard way. Shipping this machine is next to impossibile.
  11. I cannot say for certain at the moment, since it wasn't opened by me and I am abroad, but the logic board seems intact (and very dirty). The entire "lower section" remained in one piece so it could be the analog board was spared, minus some surface components. I don't think it came with either HDD or floppy drive. At this point, I'm also wondering about the back cover for the logic board and the CRT neck...I'll let you know in the near future. As I will probably only keep the logic board, I will give what I can salvage to the community here.
  12. Very nice find! I also find Yahoo Japan to be a good source of Mac items. Shipping can be expensive, but it can be well worth it.
  13. It's incredible how bad the quality of this plastic is after many years...but at least now I know what happens if I try. Now I just hope that some of the components are good enough to be used somewhere else.
  14. Apparently yes, I am yet to see this "reinforced package" I paid extra for...I just know there was a ton of bubble wrap. I sincerely hope that Buyee Support will get me a refund, but honestly I don't know how thing work from here. I'll let you know, so that maybe someone else doesn't risk their own LC's.
  15. I feel a little sad sharing this, because I hoped it would turn out better than this. But probably my hopes were to high this time. I read countless times these machines are fragile, so I paid for reinforced package...aha of course it was useless. I bought it off Buyee for around 125€ included shipping, hoping to keep the logic board and maybe sell/donate the body to someone here in the group. I don't think I have much to give away now. I will let you know if the analog board or other parts are intact. Since it was opened by my parents and I was away, I have no way of knowing if the
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