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  1. This is one of my 2 bags: it has a tear in the upper part near the zip line, because of that I was able to buy it for a very low price. I had waited at least two years before finding a cheap one. I bought it to ship my CC abroad but I still haven't found the courage to do it . The front pocket has more than enough space for my IIgs keyboard. The other bag I own is horizontal, so the Mac has to slide in with the screen facing down.
  2. Thanks for the reply! This is is the board btw: The battery is missing so that makes things easier and I’ll buy another one right away (what are the specs btw?). The board seems pretty clean but that’s all I can say as I’m no expert. I don’t need the extra RAM and VRAM to boot the machine right? I’m looking for a keyboard now on eBay, but they go for 40-50€ plus shipping and more depending on the country they are shipped from, and I’m not so sure about buying another one: I have three working ones where my other computers are (and where this CC will be
  3. I have this CC that came without keyboard/mouse: the logic board has clearly been recapped by a previous owner, but I don’t know if it works for sure. If I remore the logic board I can hear the fan going and a clicking sound (failing HDD?), but if I try to jumpstart by inserting the logic board everything will shut off. Is there anything I can do while I wait for it to be shipped? (It will be in the same house with a SE/30 and peripherals so I can do more troubleshooting some weeks/months from now).
  4. The only Zip drives I have are one SCSI and one usb. I had a third one but it has the click of death so it’s out of the equation. Until some days ago it was a very efficient way of transferring files, but now that I have a network card I could also switch to SCSI2SD: it seems a bit expensive but also the most reliable way of saving/transferring files. Now that I think more about it, if I start buying Zip drives I will always risk a malfunctionIng sooner or later. I don’t know much about amo drives, I’m gonna take a look into it. Also, my Zip drive was my boot disk fo
  5. Hello everyone! My SCSI Zip drive is having some problems lately. At first my SE/30 freezes if the Zip inserted is not properly recognized. The Zip drive suddenly stops and the whole thing crashes. It seemed to happen with just one faulty cartridge, but now I can’t read any of them. Should I change to something more reliable? Maybe a Jaz Drive? The Zip is very useful for transferring files between my SE/30 and a G3 iMac with a USB Zip drive, so I hope to achieve the same with another peripheral. I’m not sure I am ready to buy a SCSI2SD, but I’m open to suggestions.
  6. Isn't the 578 identical to the 575? If so, I'm not sure the backplate will fit as it lacks the hole for the comm slot.
  7. I will try as soon as I can, thanks!
  8. After a long wait, I finally picked this Lc550 logic board at the post office: I got it at a good price from Japan, and now it will probably need some restoring. It appears to be dirty but not too much, it even came with VRAM and RAM already installed. I’m just a bit concerned about the white dots surrounding some of the chips: should I toss it in the dishwasher? Advice needed. Also, it came with this: Since the logic board it’s going to be used in a Color Classic, I am considering of selling the backpla
  9. Guess I'll do that in the end, it also seems the cleanest and safer way to do it. Thanks!
  10. I just tried with the patched version, but it sees one partition at a time (the boot partition), and the update button is not available. Moreover, I can’t boot from floppy because the floppy drive is not working well...(it mounts but doesn’t format). Any suggestions?
  11. Hi everyone. I recently put a LaCie 8gb external HD into my SE/30, added the proper jumper for termination and installed various versione of system 7 in more than one partition (it has 5 partitions). A month ago the HDD didn’t mount on the desktop, but using a Zip drive I somehow managed to install the Silverlining driver (it’s what I had at that time) and it worked! It feels fast even faster than it was before. But now I have a problem: with this new driver, in order to boot from another partition, I have to select it first in the Silverlining app and then with System Picker. Asi
  12. @ZaneKaminski sign me up for the 8mb as well! Maybe I’m asking too soon, but will it be possible to order it with a pre-installed version of system 7?
  13. I managed to find some on eBay and...it worked! Thanks a lot @JRL!
  14. Thanks, I’ll start looking for those!
  15. And here I thought a simple change of position would do it . Do I have to source another jumper then? Where can I find it?
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