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  1. I apologize for the kitchen counter shots, but that is the only place i could take these photos that had enough light that would not throw my flash off.
  2. Sorry about digging up an old post. Does this offer any advantages other than the high res output?
  3. You have to use a special installer disc which works on the powerbook 4,3 model to boot into 9.2.2 natively
  4. These are photos from the ebay auction, i intend to take more photos once it arrives using my higher quality camera.
  5. Rescued an iBook G3 off ebay, i will be posting photos here as soon as i get it in. Purpose of this system is to run os 9.2.2 (i also obtained the original restore disc set to install it) and not 10.x, i have a powerbook G4 17" for that (1ghz) The prior owner of this system maxed the ram at 640mb, but it still has the original 30gb hard drive. Battery is almost at original capacity, with 45 cycles.
  6. My G4 Digital audio, in all its glory
  7. Steve_G

    My Ebay Find

    Update, i got a free 16" Visible LG Flatron 775FT Monitor, it is a true-flat display with a flat inner and outer tube, it was in its original box and everything. G4 looks great with this CRT. I also have 1gb of PC133 Ram on its way.
  8. I have been reading about how you can use a Quicksilver CPU in a Digital Audio powermac, but it has to have a 12 Volt connection, anyone here know how to do that or know of a guide online?
  9. Decent card, i was considering picking one up as they are a little on the cheap side compared to the radeon 9x00 series. any owrd on how the 8x00 series fares in X? I have a Geforce 2mx 32mb in my G4
  10. I have its slightly older relative, the G4 Digital Audio and it flys in Tiger with 512mb of ram, you should try it out.
  11. Steve_G

    My Ebay Find

    I saw on ebay a Powermac G4/733 with a 20 GB hard drive. Model number was for a G4 Sawtooth. Picked it up for 101 bucks with shipping. I am amazed that i got a G4 digital audio instead of a sawtooth. It is currently running 10.4 with 512mb of Ram. Photos will be taken after i clean up the case, it has some nice black scrathces on one side i am going to try to clean up. ALready installed 1 update, a Adaptec USB 2.0 Card and a 40GB Hard drive raided with the 20gb in it to make a nice 60gb 7200 RPM hard drive combo. both are WD caviar drives with equal speeds.
  12. Guys, 7.6.1 with Libmoto and Speed Doubler 8 just flys on the laptop.
  13. It Has Arrived! Running the original install of Mac Os 7.6.1 (I checked, and there are documents on it from 1998 still that i deleted) Claris works 4 and all the other goodies. Got Speeddoubler 8 (just for 68k emulation speed up) and LibMoto(helps PPC speed ups, 8 had this built in but 7.6.1 did not)
  14. Well, I totaly forgot i posted here already but here it goes. Powerbook is in the mail and on its way to me. It is a 166mhz with a 2gb hard drive and 16mb of ram. I already bought a ethernet card for it so i can do some web browsing (if i am lucky) And Dan 7.1 HFS+ on Nubus is limited to a 2GB drive, that means it is practiclay worthless if i ever do upgrade the drive. Also the Ui of 8.1 can be used on 7.6.1 using appearance manger so your two pluses are useless to me.
  15. I am waiting for 1400c\166 to be sent to me. I am going to run 7.6.1 with appearance manager on it for as long as possible
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