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  1. It's the same ribbon as the C. Itoh 8510. You can find them at almost any office supply store, where they are usually labeled as such.
  2. This is a fairly common problem we've seen with the power supplies in Mac II-series machines. See my recent discussion in this thread. In my personal testing, I've isolated to problem to not include capacitors, fuses, batteries, motherboard problems, etc. Rather, the relay units on the power supplies themselves often fail to function properly with age, becoming either sticky or refusing to make contact altogether. In your case, that's very likely what's causing the machine not to shut itself down automatically: the relay fails to disconnect even after the power off instruction is issued. I
  3. I think the reserve price was ridiculous for sure, but it doesn't seem to me that he actually wanted to sell the machine. I think the reserve price was intentionally absurd to make sure it wouldn't sell out from underneath him. I think he was more interested in figuring out the approximate value of the machine on eBay. He probably didn't sell it for $71 because he had more than that in it. But I don't see why someone would make a modification like that to sell in the first place. I do think it's worth at least $70 or so on eBay, or at least, I'm not shocked it was bid that high. Color Cla
  4. I have a Quadra 800 clocked to 37 MHz. It is amazingly stable. Overclocking is certainly possible.
  5. Restart holding down the mouse button. I've had this problem with my AlBook before, and that fixes it every time.
  6. Rather than Mozilla, I would suggest WaMCom or iCab. IE 5, as others have suggested, is a possibility as well, but if you're used to Mozilla or prefer it, you may be happiest with WaMCom. Owing to the unusual (and crippled) architecture of the PM 6200/6300 series, I've had the best luck with OS 8.6 (or 9.1 if you have the RAM, but I think 48 may be pushing it, depending on what and how many apps you want to run). Any version of System 7 on these machines is very unstable. OS 8.1 provides a lot of bug fixes and much more stability, but my experience has been that if you can push it all the
  7. That's almost ridiculous. Fifteen people bid on it up to $250. Or, that is ridiculous. What jacked the price up? The FDHD upgrade kit?
  8. The Classic II actually requires 6.0.8L, a limited release version of System 6 to Pacific markets because a small group of computers was released before System was ready for the release in the international market. These machines, including the Classic II, shipped in other markets with System 7 installed. The Classic II will not boot from other versions of System 6. Both of these disk images create 1.4 MB installer disks and work only on this limited group of Macs. System 6.0.8L - Disk 1 (System Startup) System 6.0.8L - Disk 2 (System Additions) While both System 6 and System 7 will f
  9. The updates really do you no good unless you are running OS X, so there's no advantage in having them if you're using a Classic-only system. They're strictly optimizations and compatibility bug-fixes for Classic mode to work within OS X's Classic mode.
  10. I've never thought to use Windex. I always assumed it would leave a sticky residue. I use ~90% rubbing alcohol, and I've found it works well. Most of the luck I had, I think, involved simply the reinsertion of the board multiple times, producing sufficient friction to clean the contacts. It's one of those things that mileage will vary on, and it seems unfortunately yours may not be fixable the same way. Another 57x series motherboard would be an easy way to try things out, but I assume you would already have tried it if you had one.
  11. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're asking. Are you saying that your Centris randomly began giving the chimes of death on startup with the same RAM that had previously worked in it? And does the Quadra 610 motherboard you just got work fine with the RAM out of the Centris?
  12. I just acquired a Mystic Color Classic that had a display that was entirely red. At least the green gun was not working, and perhaps the blue too (I couldn't really tell). After pulling, cleaning the contacts on, and reseating the motherboard, the problem cleared up and full, accurate color restored to the screen. It's quite a simple fix, but it might be something you've overlooked, thinking it was a monitor/analog board problem. Also, having never attempted the Mystic upgrade myself or owning an already upgraded unit until now, is it normal for the screen to be squashed with a large-ish &
  13. I thought I had heard the EtherWave was incompatible with Open Transport and required Classic Networking. But I don't have one, and don't have any firsthand knowledge. If it requires OT, it will work with OS 7.5 and up, as long as you install the OT software, available on Apple's website. If it only works with Classic Networking, it may very well work with System 6, but is assured to work fine in System 7. The best thing to do would simply be to test it in the OS you want to use it under. Just because the company has not tested and does not certify it for use with a particular system v
  14. I don't know if you've already come across it, but there is a section in the Color Classic FAQ that answers this question. Clicky.
  15. The 128K and 512K both use the original 64K ROMs that are incompatible with the HD20 and HFS partitions. On the 512K, the HD20 INIT enabled the use of the HD20, 800K floppy disks, and HFS partitions. You are correct that it will not work with the Mac 128K because it simply does not have the memory capacity unless it has been upgraded to 512K of RAM. Pina does say it is also possible to transplant Plus ROMs into the Mac 128K to enable it to access the HD20 without the use of the incompatible HD20 INIT. The 128K ROMs in the 512Ke, Plus, SE, Classic, Portable, and IIci all have HD20 and HFS suppo
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