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  1. Fizz, I like your methodology. I am currently looking through United Chemi-Cons stuff, to closely match the series (the series are old, so no longer made). Low impedance as like you said, switchers cycle really fast. I'll bet you are onto something: I will bet that as the current switches back and forth, there is a ton of impedance in one of the parts I have which is why it only lasts a minute or so on before it quits. I'm no electronics person, but I would venture that is a possibility.


    I'm ordering from mouser now myself. I really like your chart: thank you for that, huge for future reference!

  2. well I haven't actually destroyed anything, thankfully. I do clean as well, and I do remove one by one and recheck. I certainly can't install one, reinstall the supply, test, then take it out again. That would be ideal, but as a busy physician, husband, and father of three, that would literally take me weeks. Not to mention, if I waited another decade until they are older to do this, no doubt some of my boards will have become toast due to electrolyte.


    So, I suppose I will have to just order other caps closer to these. It is in this way that I have learned just how sensitive power circuits are. The same thing happened to me with another power supply, and, indeed, just one did not quite match needed specs (even though capacitance and voltage specs were the same), and made the supply shut off after a few minutes. I'll keep everyone updated with progress.


    This thing is also one of the most convoluted supplies to work on. It has literally four different boards, one main and three soldered in at right angles to it. Replacement requires desoldering entire boards to work on them, etc...it is mind-boggling.

  3. It appears no AppleSauces are available to buy any more (I missed the boat on that one). It utilizes some sort of clever scheme where it needs to start up from the System on it's disk, and somehow the system makes all other disks appear that they have no space and nothing can be copied to/from them. I have never seen anything like it. It does that to the internal HDs as well. I would love to get an AppleSauce.

  4. I know people here have various methods of defeating disk copy protection of various schemes. For instance, I just came into possession of a good copy of the game Balance of Power for the Mac 128k, and I would like to archive it for everyone because there seems to not be a copy on Macintosh Garden of the English version. Am I able to do this at all, or does someone with an AppleSauce or some other kind of fanciness need access to the disk?

  5. All up to what you want. For me, using compacts includes the charm of the floppy drive, so mine has to have them. Good luck with the restoration! Another possibility is getting a SCSI2SD V5 to pop in there.

  6. Yes, I do that at home as well, I have an Ethernet PC card w/ dongle and AirPort Express, but I was searching for an on-the-go possibility. I thought that since people have cobbled together transponders for the SE/30, maybe someone had done that here as well.

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