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  1. Just cracked my pack. Thankfully, it looks like it just came from the factory, so the rebuild shouldn't be all that bad.
  2. By the way, does anyone have a charger/maintainer for the 1400 batteries they'd sell?
  3. I just sourced 8 4/3A batteries from a local store, and they are also going to tack-weld tabs on for me. We will see how this all plays out...
  4. Looks like they are two Panasonic VL2330 batteries with a 3V rating. It looks like they are in parallel, so 3V and the total capacity of 50mAh.
  5. By the way, does anyone know the rating of the backup battery? I want to get some equivalent or close for mine.
  6. Rick, I just stripped mine down to the bones. There are a bunch of caps hiding in the display panel which could cause these issues. My contrast rocker switch stopped working correctly, and I think this is my issue as welll. Once I have the whole thing done, I will be providing photos in a thread.
  7. So, I am in the process of making this guide myself. I have torn this thing down to almost the bare bolts, and have found all the electrolytics. Many are hiding in and behind the screen as well. I will list them once ordered.
  8. Thanks for the insights. So, I'll say: the problem is completely predictable and reproducable. Happens every time exactly the same. I tested yesterday, and it really is an instantaneous issue. +5 and +12v rails are 100% within spec until it shuts right off. Attempting to start again produces a click, and then nothing. The more you try in rapid succession, it will do nothing (no click even). Then, if you leave it alone and unplugged, try a few minutes later, it will start again. It seems like there is some built-up charge or something that causes it that has to dissipate over time.
  9. I’ve seen a few posts on that. I may have to try that sometime, but I do like to keep the machines as original as possible, if possible.
  10. The machine works perfectly except for the contrast rocker switch. Funny contrast levels of all kinds happen when you press it; I was assuming something circuit-related. I simply wanted to get all the electrolytics swapped out before they leak.
  11. No, I haven't undertaken any disassemble simply because, instructions nonwithstanding, it is easier for me to disassemble something this complex, change the caps, the put it back together...rather than have it sit there for a week plus waiting for the caps and then forget what I did, have my kids touch the screws, etc. I was just hoping someone had done it, but I can't even find information via Google.
  12. This is all way out of my league, but I certainly would be willing to purchase one or more to future-proof my Portable. From what you describe as the issue, I am now amazed and thankful mine survived, and I replaced the caps with polymer ones.
  13. That stinks, at least I have the boxes and won't be shipping them!
  14. Are G3 iMacs that fragile? Never shipped one, and mine are boxed originals.
  15. What I really need to start is a list of the capacitors...surely, someone has recorded it somewhere. Just so I can order parts before starting.
  16. I will make a brief summation, since I have a tendency to be verbose. Simply put: I re-capped a perviously working Astec power supply from my Power Mac 8100, and now it is not reliably functional. More in depth: all I set out to do was replace the big electrolytics on this thing. There are three boards on this beast, one being a relatively tiny one that has two caps on it, and two other main boards. The smaller board needed to be completely desoldered to replace the caps, as these things are stuffed in there at a 90 degree angle to the other components on the main board
  17. I personally do not have any recollection of an issue such as this. Seems to me like either something is not being sensed properly, or the signal is not properly interpreted. One suggestion: to make sure not not further damage or strip the head, I'd suggest he remove it and just test the worm gear without the head on.
  18. So, I remembered that about a year ago at a massive free haul, my brother picked up a random, massive power supply. He just thought it looked cool and stuffed it in his closet. Fast forward to my troubleshooting. I start thinking about it. He does too. What does he happen to have in his closet? A PowerMac 8100 power supply. So, I got it from his house today and tried it. Power issue is non-existent. It is something I messed up with the power supply. So, I am concentrating there, checking my work.
  19. Sometimes Indy would just dead stop, to my recollection.
  20. Hi everyone, If anyone has been following my threads, I've been having a beast of a time with my 8100, and also 6100 (though that is now good to go). Soon, the time will come for me to recap my PB 1400 and replace its PRAM battery. I know people are wary of the PRAM battery, but I really do want to figure out how to replace it. I like having my machines 100% functional. As for the rest of the capacitors, I took a look at the take-apart manual, and it looks plain daunting. This is one reason I don't like working on PowerBooks! Mine is a 1400c/133 model, with 1.3 GB HD and also 8x CD
  21. Actually, my SCSI2SD question was theoretical and for the future. The original 500 MB HD works just fine, and that is what is in there now. So, regrettably, that is not the issue :(.
  22. Im resoldering all of my cap work. I also reflowed some ground pads that didn’t look great. It makes me think there’s a bad connection somewhere that gets throw off when it heats up. Tomorrow I have to work overnight, so I won’t realistically get back to this till Tuesday.
  23. Ok, so I did a few more tests. I am now 100% sure that the power issue is the supply itself. Two things: I replaced the thermal compound on the motherboard, this didn't help any. I popped in a spare 8100 motherboard I have instead, and the exact same thing happens. I don't know if there is some short or something else going on inside the power supply, but it seems more and more like it. Remember, this did NOT happen prior to my recap, so I probably caused it. The machine has always been prone to freezing and crashing, but that is a separate issue that never caused it to shut down.
  24. Well, I will try an dsee how long I can get the thing to stay on for. Hopefully, now, over night, it will not shut off right when I press the power key! The issue is once that shutdown happens, time is needed befrore it will even start again. I can replace the grease and see. The thing is, until I did the recap, this never had such power issues before. It had other freezing issues, but never related to the machine shutting itself down. That said, I can also see if just playing a sound in general causes the shut down. I supose maybe two other thngs are possible: 1. Maybe the thermal
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